Products for making biscuit

To prepare a delicious dessert with jam, take:

- eggs – 5 PCs.;
- sugar – 200 g;
- jam – 150 g;
- flour – 400 g;
soda – 0.5 tsp.

For the cream you will need:

- milk – 700 ml;
- the yolk – 2 pieces;
- flour – 3 tbsp..

The preparation of the dessert

To prepare this cake you can take any jam to your taste. You can use the jam with pieces of fruit to diversify the structure of the test. Also sometimes these biscuits add the chopped nuts, if desired, you can add your favorite.

Initially focusing on the preparation of the biscuit. Whisk the eggs with the sugar until frothy. In a separate bowl mix the jam with soda, when the jam starts to foam, carefully add the beaten eggs and gradually add flour. The dough is not settled, stir very gently.

The prepared dough is put into shape on baking paper and bake in a preheated 160оС the oven for about 30 minutes. The exact cooking time depends on the oven and the form in which the baked dough. The main thing – periodically to pierce the dough with a toothpick or a special stick to see if the dried up biscuit.

To prepare the cream, take 600 ml of milk, mix it with sugar and put on the stove. In a separate bowl mix 100 ml of milk, the yolks and the flour, obtaining a liquid "dough" consistency like pancake. When the milk on the stove to boil, gradually in a thin stream pour into it the mixture, stirring constantly. Thickened cream remove from heat and leave to cool.

When cake is ready, remove it from the form. After cooling cut the cake into layers, brush them with the prepared cream and put the layers. Prepared biscuit decorate with any fruit, chocolate or nut crumbs.

If you want to make sponge cake roll, immediately after I removed the cake from the form, lubricate it with a thick layer of cream, roll the roll and in this way leave to cool. Then the sponge will retain their shape and well-soaked cream.

You can also cook sponge cake filled with jam. To do this, take:

- flour – 300 g;
- sugar – 200 g;
- eggs – 8 PCs.;
- lemon zest – to taste;
- jam – to taste.

First, separate the whites from the yolks. Be careful, the yolk should not get into the whites, otherwise the latter will not beat as it should. Yolks pound with sugar-hot, add the lemon zest. Mix the yolks with the flour. Separately, whip the whites until education sturdy foam (to facilitate their task, proteins are better pre-cooling).

Gently mix the whites and yolks with the flour until a homogeneous dough and fill the form. Put the biscuit in the oven, preheated to 170оС. Bake the dough for about 40-45 minutes. Ready biscuit soak your favorite jam, adding layers or turning roll.