You will need
  • Cotton gloves, screwdrivers, soldering iron, bright flashlight, the user manual for your car.
Select the location where you will disassemble button. Best for this purpose, suitable garage. Driving in his car and set the Parking brake. Open the hood. Remove the negative terminal from the battery. This will allow to disconnect the onboard power supply system and to avoid short-circuit. If you have an alarm, don't forget to disable it. Otherwise, when removing the negative terminal it will work. Read the user manual of your car. Sometimes the manufacturer specifies the schema of the structure of the power window buttons. If Windows was installed by yourself, try to find the user manual that came with the kit.
Open maximum door from which you must extract button. Carefully consider how the mount button. In the driver's door usually has a built Board, which contains buttons for all Windows, and toggle switches control Central locking. This charge can only be removed entirely. To do this, remove facing of the plate. Under them you will see the bolts that hold the charge. Gently Unscrew them. Be sure to note the location of each bolt, as they may vary slightly from each other in thickness and length. Then otdelnie plastic brackets that secure the fee from the inside and remove it. To the back side of the Board attached a few wires. If the back there is a bolt holding a wire, OTKRITIE them. If the wires are soldered, then you need to remove the door trim to find the connector wires from the Board and disconnect it.
Carefully the front part of the button. Usually it is attached with plastic pins. You need to put a little effort and pull the tip itself. Also, the front part can keep the bolt on the back side. Unscrew it. Pull. If you want to completely disassemble the button, then desolder the wires. Carefully remove the side bar. Fold out the antennae that hold the mechanism to ensure smooth pressing. Take it. Button is now completely disassembled. Also note that not all buttons can be completely dismantled. There are disposable, which are not subject to repair. If the window lifter button located on the dashboard or on the center tunnel, the procedure is the same. On the torpedo knopki usually installed on the removable part, so the dismantling process much easier.