BAXI boilers have an automated control system, which require connection to the mains. Boiler heating refers to seasonal equipment operating mainly in the winter time. In this period, especially acute problem of voltage drops in the mains, so the equipment of life support systems require additional protection.

According to local standards, the variation of the voltage of the power grid from the nominal value of 220 V should not exceed 10%. However, the inconsistencies between the actual value of the voltage above rules are not uncommon. To ensure proper boiler BAXI during power surges, the stabilizer should be designed for input range from 150 V to 260 V.

When choosing a stabilizer for BAXI boiler should pay attention to the following characteristics.

Reaction time

Inexpensive models of stabilizers Chinese production provide the response time to the voltage drop 1 C, while the uninterruptible power supply premium react to changes in the input voltage at 0.02 C. the lower the reaction time, the smaller the probability of failure of automatics of the boiler.

A smooth switch

Relay stabilizers provide voltage correction with a certain step, which must not exceed 2.5 V. the Thyristor devices are characterized by a high fluidity and are suitable for use as uninterruptible power supply for the heating boiler.

Weight and dimensions

The geometric dimensions of the different models of the uninterruptible power supply may vary 2-3 times depending on the manufacturer and product cost. When installing the boiler in a separate room the size of the stabilizer does not play a big role, however for wall mounted boilers BAXI installed mostly in the kitchen, compactness and weight of the device is important.

Method of measuring voltage

The error of measurement analogue Converter is higher than the same indicator of digital devices. If the value of the measurement error exceeds the step of switching from the purchase of such a Converter is to abstain.

Rated power

Stabilizer to work in tandem with the BAXI boiler should have a nominal power corresponding to the power of the heater. The value of capacity products should be indicated in the attached operational documents.