Fish oil

Fish oil is one of the best ways to improve hair quality. Included in its composition of omega 3 and omega 6 amino acids help to strengthen the structure as well as giving Shine and reduce hair loss. Also fish oil will help to cope with breakage and thinning. And included in fish oil vitamins a, b and E only complement therapy.

Taking fish oil can not only improve your hair but also strengthen nails. As the skin becomes more smooth and elastic. And all of these effects will be visible after a month of consuming fish oil.

How to take fish oil from hair loss

To start is to look at the products. There are 2 types of fish oil: pharmacy and technical. Hair treatment is suitable only pharmaceutical fish oil. It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. There are 2 types of manufactured pharmaceutical fish oil in capsules and in bottles. For the techniques inside the best fit capsules, but you can use it and using the measuring spoon.

Take fish oil is only specified on the packaging and quantity daily. It is worth noting that the effect is improved if you take fish oil while eating.

If your hair is very damaged, in addition, you should periodically make masks for hair based on fish oil. Then the hair will be treated as due to the vitamins supplied internally and externally.

Brewer's yeast

Beer shiver - single-celled fungi, consisting of protein and vitamins. These proteins improve the hair structure, strengthen it. B vitamins reduce dryness of the scalp, prevent dandruff, are responsible for the luster and natural color.

Particularly worth mentioning is vitamin B12, which is responsible for cell regeneration. Thanks to this vitamin and grow hair. Also we can not ignore and Biotin, is part of the brewer's yeast. This vitamin prevents hair loss.

How to take brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast, and fish oil can be taken both internally and externally. Now there are plenty of options: brewer's yeast can be bought in the form of tablets and dietary Supplements. For better digestibility worth buying, not extruded, and liquid yeast. You can also buy yeast, which is sulfur. This will impact very favorably on the hair. In addition you can also make periodic mask.

Courses of treatment and the rules of taking the drugs

Before taking like fish oil, and brewer's yeast, is to go to a specialist. The doctor just says that you can receive these funds and in what doses it would be wise.

Do not immediately drink the fat and yeast together. Possible allergic reaction, and in this case it is not clear what exactly caused it.

Receiving funds from hair loss should be done in 2 months. Then there should be a break.