If you are unable to appear for valid reason, contact with a written petition to the court in which the case will be considered. The petition must specify:
- full name of the court;
- the surname, a name, a patronymic, a procedural situation in the present case, the residence address;
- reasons for applying for postponement of the hearing;
- list of documents, confirming this fact;
- the period for which you are asking to postpone consideration of the case.

The petition must be printed in two copies. One copy you leave in the registry of the court on the second will be stamped that the claim is accepted. The second copy will remain with you.

The petition can also be sent by telegram to the court.
The court can automatically be transferred in case of absence of important players in the process without good reason. At the same time, if it happens again a few times, this side of the trial it is possible to bring to court drive. In this case, judicial session is appointed by the judge for the day. Bailiffs are instructed on compulsory delivery to the court. Of course, this will also result in the postponement of the meeting.
The meeting may be postponed also in the case of delay time to the end of the working hours of the court. In this case, the judge can also make decisions about the postponement.
In addition, the meeting will be automatically postponed if the appointed time is a festive day, or if one of the participants was not provided on-call lawyer for free. In the latter case, the processing time can be postponed to a later date to give the possibility of assigned counsel to familiarize with the case materials, together with the party whose interests he represents.
The date of the meeting will be postponed if there is a petition on the appointment of the hearing to another day in the case of waiting for a response to legal or judicial inquiry. This request may be made orally or in written form.