"King of beasts" living in Savannah "hairy woman" in the woods, their way in natural conditions do not overlap, they can never meet. In zoos people, to their credit, fights between animals are not satisfied, in one cell of these animals is not thrown.
To answer the question of who is stronger – a lion or a gorilla, impossible. The reason being that these animals live in different environment.

The American researcher Joseph kasi Cullmann believes that the answer to the question who is stronger gorilla or a lion, you need to determine what features in the behavior of animals help them to survive in the struggle for existence. For this you need to define a set of parameters by which to compare animals. These typically include the weight of the animal, its size, speed, bite force, the impact force, endurance. But it is not always the superiority of these parameters will allow someone to win in a fight. Largely the result depends on the intelligence of the animal.

The bite force

охотятся животные

The lion has a bite force equal to 41 the atmosphere of the gorilla – 88. I mean, a gorilla is more than 2 times. What is the reason? A lion is an animal of prey that lions hunt in pairs. To kill the victim, enough to eat soft artery, powerful fangs not required for this.

Gorilla – animal grazers. Their main food is leaves, twigs, young shoots. In dry times, and bamboo shoots. This way of life has shaped a powerful jaw and strong neck muscles designed for survival, not to attack.

Who was the first

Как живет семья львов

The lion. His task is to attack the first gorilla well protected and only shows aggression.
Leo doesn't care about his "ranking". He was a king. Gorilla – the animal is much more peaceful. Her task is not to attack and to scare the opponent. Loud shouting, punching himself in the chest, a gorilla scares the enemy. Further, like a tank, she goes for the opponent to attack, but at the last moment turns and runs away.


живут львы
Animals on Earth will never fight against each other just for the sake of fighting. Such fighting is possible only for females, for reasons of self-protection or food.

Attempts to find out the presence of intelligence in animals is still given not given tangible results. As for gorillas, the scientists proved the presence of their consciousness, than lions can not boast.

Due to the specific structure of the vocal apparatus gorillas can't talk, but they are able to communicate in sign language, have symbolic thinking, a sense of humor. The gorilla Koko, which involved scientists at Stanford University have achieved incredible IQ, within 75 - 93 (for the average human figure is 90). No lion these results will not reach.

Chimpanzees, also belonging to the family of anthropoid apes, living in the East African tropics, feed on large animals. To kill them, they use the trick - break the neck of its prey and hit his head on the ground. The collision with the leopards, which were common in gorillas also usually end in victory for the latter due to the presence of intelligence.

Muscular strength

Accurate data on the strength of a lion there. But you can judge it by the fact that he is able to carry prey, is approximately equal to its own weight. Gorilla male, with an average height of 175 cm, i.e. under the usual growth of man, effortlessly transfers a weight of about 2 tons, i.e. ten times more than its own weight!