Appeal and bright appearance Alla emphasize Azalea. However, the joviality of character and charm is marred by the resentment and revenge. So all you need to be careful in words.
Orchid – the aristocrat of flowers is more suited to Anastasia. Same fine it is prone to rapid mood swings. However, this trait makes her mysterious and interesting to others.
The forget-me-nots match the name of Valentine. There are similarities in their basic beauty and simplicity of nature. Victoria is the same as Impatiens and flowers Mimosa. However, it is not peculiar isolation, just the feelings it will open only the most patient and loyal.
As well as sweet peas, Galina just seems helpless. Actually hurting her is not worth it, to stand up for herself she is able like no other. The Lotus is a divine flower, as well as Catherine, extraordinary and mysterious. This name belongs only to the most charming and proud beauties.
Deceit Elena emphasize Buttercup, intoxicating with its scent. The lack of sincerity it is more than replace with the friendliness that attracts to it many people. Proud and rebellious gladiolus impressed named Jeanne. Her militancy and restlessness allow her to achieve the goals. To achieve this can only be a true conqueror.
The sadness inherent in Zinaida reflected in the later flowers of chrysanthemums. Her thoughtfulness always makes a mesmerizing impression. It is characterized by glibness and charm.
The constancy of the iris harmonizes with the name Inna. Her discretion and allow the mind to maintain dignity in all situations. Internal quality for ina much more important than external accomplishments.
The sad aura of Xenia corresponds to the vitality of the immortelle. Its elegant look always stands out among others. However, success is only for those who decide to attract.
Subtle nature Lyudmila will appreciate the rare and beautiful flower pheasant's eye. With its aspiration Lyudmila is not peculiar recklessness. To achieve your and in a roundabout way. Astra proud and unapproachable as Natalie. Offended her once permanently deprived of visit Natalia.
Snowdrop, bravely making their way through the inhospitable drifts, corresponds to the name of Olga. Under the guise of defenseless creatures hides the iron will and strength of character.