How to understand what the company is planning a reduction of number or staff of employees?

Alarming, if a company begins a major reshuffle. Suspicious kordinalno changing company policy, before staff had a number of new challenges that require an innovative approach. Also on the reduction could signal the situation when the company is experiencing economic difficulties (this may manifest itself in the reduction of the number of projects, reducing personnel costs, delayed wages, etc.).

What to do radova employee if it is not notified of the reduction, but I suspect that will soon be left without work?

First, be internally calm. The modern labor market requires regular changing jobs, because the days when generations of families worked for the same company, have sunk into oblivion. Someday you would leave this place works, so why to worry about what is going to happen right now? The pros are looking for in this situation: perhaps you have something did not suit work, but you lacked the courage to leave. Think about that many jobs, including, and more interesting than your current position. Job change is a chance to find a better job. In short, before you open a sea of new opportunities and prospects for professional growth!

Second, initiate a search for a new job. You should update your resume on job search sites. Expect proposals and actively consider jobs and send your resume to potential employers. Swipe the monitor on the subject of suggestions among your relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Third, revise your financial capabilities: reduce costs, regularly delay amount. Create cash reserves for the duration of the job search.

Fourth, make a plan of action after the dismissal. Whether you want to relax a bit or want to begin to search for a new job? At the time of search operation, it is recommended to stand on labour exchange. Don't forget to dismissal order help W-2 and earnings statement for two years - these documents are required at the new location.

By the way, there are cases that some employers force the employee to write a resignation at own will not to start the reduction procedure, because, first, the procedure of reducing a complex, and, secondly, by the employer, if the reduction is obliged to pay the employee severance pay in the amount of several salaries. Thus, the dismissal on the grounds of reduction for the employee financially more profitable than on their own.

Also there are situations when the employee offered to give up "at soglasen parties" severance: in this case, executed an additional agreement to the employment contract, where the date of dismissal, and, if available, the amount of severance pay. In this case, recommend to weigh the "pros" and "cons", to understand what is more profitable: to go through the procedure of reduction or right to terminate a contract "by agreement of the parties."

One last tip: find ways to relieve stress. Exercise regularly: you can start with charging in the morning, Jogging, Hiking... Distractions will help some interesting Hobbies. In addition, take care of proper nutrition. And remember about the necessity of observance of the mode of the day!

In any case, every end is a beginning of something new! Wish you success!