When performing this procedure as the termination of parental rights, the Trustee prepares a report which is sent to the court. The statement addresses the appropriateness of the deprivation of father, mother or both parents rights to the child. The court has the right to make a final decision. The result shall be made after consideration of statements from one of the persons envisaged by the law, which can be both a guardianship and a parent. In addition, to apply for deprivation of the parent rights to the child can not only guardianship, but the Prosecutor's office, any educational institution, the child's guardian and the child.
There is a special list of documents required for custodial parents rights to the child. This list includes the passport (if available) or birth certificate of baby, marriage certificate, certificate ninth (certificate of registration), certificate seventh form, containing characteristics of the premises where the child lives, the title of the paper the existing property (land, house, any territory), documents containing information about the living conditions in which the child lives.
To deprive parental rights is difficult and almost impossible, this had to be a drastic reason. You simply can not do without a professional lawyer who will provide a range of services. The process of deprivation of parental rights consists of four stages: submission of an application for termination of parental rights to the custody or to the guardianship; the guardianship bodies of the application and receipt of their withdrawal to participate in court hearings; if the guardianship approves the statement on the rights of the child one of the parents, prepared the statement of claim about deprivation of the rights of the child, and then there is entering the final stage - the court giving conclusions about the participation in the meetings on the deprivation of parents rights to the child.
There are some causes that can trigger the termination of parental rights. These include the evasion of any of the parents from their parental responsibilities. In addition, the performance of such procedure is possible when parents are not involved in the physical and spiritual upbringing of their children, not preparing the child for independent living, do not provide in terms of food and care when the child is left without medical care, the parents show no interest in the inner world of your child, do not create suitable conditions for living and learning or leave children in the maternity ward.