You will need
  • - 2 tablespoons of borax;
  • - 60 g of white glue;
  • - food coloring;
  • - 0, 5 cups of hot water;
  • - ¼ Cup of warm water;
  • - 1.5 cups foam balls;
  • - plastic container (pack a ziploc);
Mix in a separate bowl borax with hot water. It is necessary to mix until, when the borax is completely dissolved. In a separate container, connect the white glue with warm water. Mix thoroughly. Then add in the glue mix food coloring.
Next, take a plastic bag with a plastic fastener or plastic container (pack a ziploc) and pour in a mixture of glue and attach the foam balls. Also put a mixture of brown and tightly close the bag.
Shake the bag well so that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. You can create a ball clay of different consistency, while adjusting the amount of borax and water.
Advantages of ball clay:
- he does not stick to hands;
- very pleasant to the touch, develops fine motor skills;
- easily formed parts and joined to each other and do not take;
- clay air dry, so you can detach the parts and attach again;
- can be disassembled back DIY by color and put in jars that are only slightly miscible with each other;
- the result is a creative and interesting crafts.
For the manufacture of three-dimensional shapes it is recommended to use a frame. To use as the frame can be tightly crumpled paper.
Ball clay is perfect to fill stained-glass Windows, creating applications on the cardboard, to decorate the surfaces of vases made of glass, coating of plastic bottles, cups, cardboard boxes. It adheres to almost any surface.