The principle of operation

Fluorescent, they are saving is a bulb, which are fundamentally different from the usual glass tubes. Energy saving lamps have a twisted shape and are made of frosted glass. Inside of these lamps are mercury vapor, argon and graphite electrodes for posting current.

The main advantage of energy-saving fluorescent lamps – economical energy consumption that is of particular relevance in connection with the ever increasing electricity tariffs. In addition, the last energy saving lamp is 8 times longer than usual. Although the cost of fluorescent lamps is much higher than usual – about 300 rubles.

If you decide to use fluorescent energy saving lamp, after the end of its service life you'll need to dispose of the lamp in a special way, as these lamps contain mercury. According to experts, if people don't learn how to properly utilizability energy-saving lamps, in the future it will bring damage to human health and the environment.

Will provide uniform economical light

Fluorescent are the so-called fluorescent lights, which are set mainly in administrative offices. It is the phosphor converts the studied lamp the ultraviolet light into visible to the human eye light. Greater light output of these lamps provides a stable uniform illumination for a long time. In addition, fluorescent lamps have three kinds of light: cold, warm and neutral.

Thus, fluorescent and energy saving lamps is the same. Only accepted for compact lamps to apply the definition of "energy-saving", while large fluorescent lamps, and have little energy-saving properties. The principle of operation of all energy-saving fluorescent lamps are the same, the difference is only external.

According to statistics, each inhabitant of Russia accounts for only 2-3 energy-saving lamps in Europe, these figures above significantly. The first CFLs appeared on the world market in the late 1980-ies. Previously, due to the bulky size of a fluorescent lamp was used in homes, but now these lamps are adapted for threads of a conventional cartridge, because everyone has the opportunity to use the house with energy saving bulbs.