The secret this is simple - read the children stories. From tales of kids get information about how important it is not to be greedy, help the mother or to obey their elders. But really, how easy it is. Read a story before bedtime, and the child has received information about the correct behavior.

The taleis one of the most important educational tools in the Arsenal of parents. It helps the child explore the real world and parents to help solve the notations and moralistic children's problems. And the fairy tale brings together and unites children and parents.

However, read children stories is not enough to analyze them together with the child. Why the hero has got such a real life situation? What he found out and what is concluded? If you have not found the right story, you invent it for yourself. With the main character, which is similar to your baby. Let him have the same problem as him. For example, he is afraid of the dark. As he gets out of this situation? Who will help him? Why not be afraid of that? The main thing that the kid realized that there is a way that you understand him. The tale is the most available therapy. The tale is a game that helps children to adapt in this world.

What stories to read ? To read fairy tales must such that the child understood what they are. Here, the main landmark - the age of the child. For the little ones suitable series of the same name. Books should be a minimum of words, with bright illustrations and recognizable characters. Kids five or six years of age love tale the plot is simple. And children older than seven years can be offered read stories longer.

To read fairy tales and day and in the evening before bed. Almost all children love when they read stories. And even asked me to read a favorite story several times. They believe in what is happening there and like when the fairy tale ends well. Read fairy tales to my children for sure!