Spain is especially good in June, when the rainy season, the weather gets hot and windless. Night temperature is quite comfortable – plus 20-22 degrees that will delight lovers of nightlife. It offers guests numerous restaurants, discos, clubs and, of course, night swims. The water temperature at night does not drop below 22 degrees. Those who prefer to fry in the sun, it is better to lie on the beach during the day – daytime temperatures soaring over 30 degrees. Here you will find excellent conditions for diving and deep diving the Atlantic waters surprisingly clear, and the underwater world is characterized by a unique diversity.

June holidays in Spain due to the large influx of tourists in comparison with may prices more expensive in more than two times. And save but also quite possible. Some enthusiasts, who dream to visit Spain in the first month of summer, are hunting for last minute. The alternative to expensive hotels may be renting a Villa on the coast, the price of housing is quite reasonable. If you want to save money on vacation, held in Spain in June, then you need to bypass the travel agencies. That is, you must define a route, buy tickets air, find housing for rent. Well, first and foremost, don't forget about the opening of the Schengen visa, you must be prepared in advance.

Where you go depends on your mood and desires. Lovers, honeymooners and other romantic travelers interested in a unique Mallorca. Ibiza will attract reckless youth wanting a beach holiday to combine with a night dance floors. Enthusiasts to retire like the resorts of the Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, where, along with luxurious beaches, gorgeous natural scenery, clear water and quiet, hidden from prying eyes, coves. This is where you can turn away from the world, enjoying the freedom and solitude.