The main problem is that initially the sites on ucoz are closed from indexation. This eliminates the possibility of getting traffic from search engines. It is worth noting that this is one of the cheapest, affordable, profitable and permanent sources of visitors.

Besides, on the websites of uCoz advertising is placed, by which the owners of the service and make money. It spoils the appearance of the resource, and affects the loyalty of customers.

Link to your site on uCoz domain of the second level. This will make your site for users and search engines more attractive.

From these two problems you can get rid of one time, paying service is free. This will allow you to immediately start to develop the resource in order to earn money.

In this case, the website on uCoz also offers plenty of opportunities for earnings. Highlights include: earnings and earnings on the links.

Earnings on advertising

One of the easiest ways of earning on these sites is advertising. However, to do this you need users. You can get them with SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing) or just talking on other sites.

In contextual advertising income depends on the location of advertising, content quality and number of visitors. So always work on these indicators, optimize and improve the quality of the resource.

The most profitable is contextual advertising. It offers users ad-like content on your site. For example, if your resource devoted to fishing, contextual advertising offer listings of fishing rods or boats. The main representatives of this type of advertising – advertising network of Google Adsense.

If your site becomes quite popular and he will have a certain target audience, you will be able to sell banners. As a rule, they are large companies, which can offer a lot of money.

Earnings on the links

On uCoz site you can make money without visitors. The fact that the promotion of the resource in the network should refer to other resources. Unfortunately, in the natural order this is very rare and unstable. Therefore, many web-master just buy links. The better the resource, the higher will be the similar placement.

The main indicators of the quality of the resource: the uniqueness and quality of content, thematic index of citing (TIC), Page Rank (PR assigned to each page) and age. Links can be bought for time, and the entire lifespan of the resource.

Links can be sold manually, automatic and semi-automatic mode. Sign up at special sites (GoGetLinks, SAPE, etc.), add the resource and send offer to advertisers.