Those who want to play without the cost in the PTP games c every day more and more. Don't shy away from this trend and the legendary WoW, where in the official servers for the game you need to make regular caller. cost. However, not all players or at least not all the accounts of the players pay for the game. To try this multiplayer game is totally free, there are several ways.

Testing of new versions of the game client

Blizzard releases updates quite often, and because game center need more testers to test innovations. A link to the test registration can be seen on the official website of the game almost always, although not many players use this opportunity.

For good reason: the character almost immediately gets 90 level, top equipment and full support, so the game loses its main purpose. In addition, the testing does not last forever, and it means that one day will completely disappear and the game server, and the account along with the characters.

The game in its free period

Recently to play WoW for free became possible, and on most official servers working normally. Although time limits for the existence of the account no, when you reach character level 20 or when you have 10 gold in your wallet will still need to pay for the use.

The opportunity Blizzard has given after the fall of the popularity of the game, but not all players took the opportunity of free games like WoW a chance to meet paid MMORPG closer. Free leveling up to level 20 interesting to fans of farm and fun, in this version unavailable personal correspondence, visits to BG and other possibilities.

Connect to free servers

The best way to play WoW free of charge - to connect to one of the many Russian servers, not collecting a monthly fee. In addition to the obvious advantages, there are disadvantages: the servers are typically included to increase rejt cancelled Donat-currency, and therefore interest in the game takes place only partly.

In addition, to play on unofficial servers, you will need to modify the client: to install patches, all fixes and updates in manual mode. It is worth noting that the updates of the paid version of the client reach the unofficial servers in the least, and because of innovations for a long time remain just a cherished dream.

The disadvantages can be attributed to the number of servers: this is usually teenagers, rude and not fully adequate in their behavior that on official servers you can find quite rare.