The interior in the bath regularly exposed to extremely high temperatures and humidity. In such circumstances, the lining deteriorates, the wood may darken, it may appear spots, it can warp, rot, grow fungus, mold and other microorganisms. To avoid changes in appearance and destruction of the structure of wood, if treated with special protective structure.

Handle the clapboard should be special treatment for baths and saunas. Treatment of lining furniture Polish is not recommended because of the high temperature varnishes emit hazardous substances, and varnished surface chipped off during operation.
Modern protective equipment can extend the life of use of the skin, maintain the natural structure and appearance of the tree, prevent the development of microorganisms, are made of natural materials, do not emit by evaporation of harmful substances and odors, safe for use even when exposed to high temperatures.

The domestic market presents a variety of impregnation for the protection of baths and saunas, which can be divided into 2 groups: for the treatment of walls and ceilings, and for processing elements in contact with the skin, i.e. benches, regiments, shelf.

Treatment of ceilings and walls of the bath.

A large group of preservatives to protect ceilings, walls, partitions, doors in steam showers, sinks and other interior spaces of the baths and saunas. Among the most common are the following tools:

- "Supi Saunamaa" (SAUNASUOJA all Supi) from the company TIKKURILA is a water – soluble protective impregnation to prevent the formation of mould and blue stain on wood, forms a transparent protective film against dirt and water.
- Belinka Interier Sauna – colorless glaze, based on acrylic resins and water. Provides protection for wood in wet areas.
- "KRASULA" protective coating for baths and saunas" - prevents the darkening of the wood, protects against microorganisms, dirt and water. Contains natural wax, due to which it repels the water, but passes steam and air.
- "Eurotex Sauna", production "NPP Rogneda" - akwalek with wax and antiseptic, protects the surface from fungus and mold, creating a transparent waterproof film.

Treatment of benches and shelves.

Benches should be treated by special trains, as means for processing the benches should soak well into the wood should not create a film on the surface to avoid skin burns. Popular for the following impregnation:
- Supi Laulasmaa (LAUDESUOJA all Supi) from the company TIKKURILA – butter for regiments and benches protects from moisture and dirt, has an antiseptic effect that makes it more deep and rich natural color of the wood.
- SAUNA-NATURA production TEKNOS is a colourless protective oil for regiments.
- "Eurotex Sauna Oil to protect the shelf" production "NPP Rogneda" - based on natural oils, protects from dirt and water.