Tincture cherry

Ingredients for the cordials:
- cherry juice-natural – 250 ml;
- boiling water – 250 ml;
- vodka is 500 ml.

For preparation of cherry juice, take 1 kg of fresh berries with remote stalks and 700 g of sugar. Wash berries, put in a container with a wide neck, pour sugar, cover with gauze or a cotton cloth, tie with string and put in a warm place in the sun for 30-40 days. From the resulting fermented juice take an appropriate amount (in this case, 250 ml), and mix with boiled water and vodka. Pour into a pretty bottle or decanter. Store tincture in a cool place.

Tincture "Autumn"

- Rowan red – 500 g;
- apples – 1 kg;
- sugar – 300 g;
- vodka – 1.5 litre
Apples have to be ripe, fragrant, juicy. For example, varieties such as Ranet, Saffron, White filling, Golden delishez, Gala, etc. for mountain Ash tincture is better to collect after the first frost.

Rowan loop, remove the debris, rinse and drain in a colander so that all the water escaped. Apples wash, dry, remove core and cut into rings. Place alternately layers prepared apples and Rowan in a suitable container, sprinkling each layer with sugar, and pour vodka so that it covers the fruit and berry mixture completely. Cover with a gauze or cloth and leave to "Mature" for 2-3 months at room temperature. The drink is considered ready when the Rowan berries are completely discolored. Strain, pour into bottles, plug tubes. Store in a cool dark place.

Tincture "Natural"

- bark oak chopped – 1 tsp.;
- seeds of coriander – 0.5 tsp.;
- thyme – 1 tbsp;
- St. John's wort – 1 tbsp;
- lemon balm – 1 tbsp;
- natural honey – 3 tbsp;
- vodka is 500 ml.
Herbs, bark and seeds is better to take dried. Before use RUB them in order them in a mortar until fragrant.

Honey pour vodka and mix thoroughly. Pour into a bottle, attach all the other ingredients (the recipe allows for the addition of other herbs that you like), stir, and then tightly cap and store in a cool dark place for 2-3 months. Strain, pour into a bottle or jug, keep it in the refrigerator.

Tincture berry

- berries;
- sugar;
- vodka.

Take juicy ripe berries (you can even overripe, but not rotten) strawberries, strawberries, raspberries; black, white and red currants and wash them under the tap. Capacity in a convenient place berries in layers, sprinkling each layer with sugar sand in the ratio 1:1. If you want the tincture turned out sweet, increase the amount of sand. The last layer of berries should be completely covered with sand. Cover the dishes with a loose lid or cloth and put in a warm place. On the sun.

In a day or two berries will provide juice. Drain it through a cheesecloth or strainer and store in the fridge, and on top of the remaining berries pour sugar – half the amount, which poured the first time. In a day or two again, drain the juice and combine it with existing, and berries re pour sand (less than half the previous number). When 3rd merge berry juice, you can proceed to the immediate preparation of the tincture. To do this, connect the obtained strained juice and vodka in the following proportions: 1 liter of juice take 200-250 ml of vodka. Mix, bottle, close the tubes and store in a cool place.