Rice paper is the main component

Spring rolls prepared with rice paper. It is sold in major supermarkets and can be different size, thickness and shape. Some types of rice paper are composed of coconut milk, durian, chili, dried shrimp, sesame seed or bananas, but most often in stores you can find the classic version, which includes only rice flour.

How to prepare the rice paper

Dry rice paper is firm and breaks easily, so it is soaked in water to become elastic. When the pancakes soaked, they should be removed gently from the tank with water, blot with a paper towel and spread on a bamboo Mat to make it easy to fold spring rolls.

Filling for spring rolls

Filling for spring rolls can serve seafood, vegetables or meat – it all depends on the taste of the cook. When choosing the stuffing, you need to remember that it needs to be crispy – it will fit hard vegetables, such as carrots or cucumbers. Often used as a filling of bean sprouts or celery.

The fresh spring rolls you can give salads or herbs – mint, coriander, Basil. All the ingredients used as toppings should be sliced as thin as possible strips. Vegetables, meat and seafood can be fried in a wok, adding the taste of sesame oil and soy sauce.

What sauce to choose for spring rolls

Traditional sauces used for cooking spring rolls are soy, spicy and sweet chili, teriyaki. You can add to taste soy sauce lemon or orange juice and red pepper flakes.