The object and subject of research

Under the object of study is usually understood relations, communications, quality and the ability of the investigated object. Thus, an object is the totality of properties and relations existing independently of the researcher, but his servants a specific field of activity. It transforms the object of research in the unification of objective and subjective.

The concept of the subject is narrower, more specific in its content. It is in the subject of the research concluded that the object property which is subject to study. Subject of research – it is rather a perspective, view point, allowing to consider certain aspects of the studied object or phenomenon. Ie is a specific aspect of the research facility. The most common target, substantial, operational, organisational and personal aspects. One object can have multiple subjects of study. The definition of the research subject denotes the boundary and the search direction, raises important challenges and identifies solutions.

Under the study object can refer to a certain part of the material and the immaterial reality of the environment, it can be a physical body, living organisms, people etc. And the object exists only in the mind of the researcher, i.e. it depends only on his knowledge and constitutes an integral part thereof.

The object and subject of research in the various Sciences

Objects are various studies of man and nature, which may be studied in various fields of science. The objects of the research can be tangible and intangible in origin. The subject of study are specific properties and qualities of different natural and social phenomena of life. Scientific discipline studying the different areas of the object, for example, studies in the theory of evolution or the systematization of data in a particular field of expertise. In the study of society – it can be the study of political, sociological or economic life. For example, in economic studies will be science that studies economic processes and phenomena in the country, and the subject will be the rate of increase in growth, or, on the contrary, the reduction of any economic indicators. The subject may be regions of the country, different sectors and industries, etc.