The three leaders

One of the most popular Ukrainian healer Viktor Gromov is who is able to see and feel the human energy. He works with internal/external bodies, and with a complex system of energy shells of the problems and lead to the development of various diseases. Daily thunders takes from 90 to 110 patients coming to him from all parts of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus – it lechena sessions are relatively short, however, forces the healer to help improve the human condition, even for a short time.

Viktor Gromov for help addressed famous people like Andrei Malakhov and Tina Kandelaki and Philip.

Another recognized national healer of Ukraine is Yuri Zaretsky who have had cancer of the bone marrow. The healer was able to cope with a deadly disease due to the traditional Ukrainian folk medicine, as well as their own methodology, according to which Zaretsky today treats his patients. Healing Zaretsky helps with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, bronchitis, tuberculosis, skin and cardiovascular diseases.

The whole country is known, and Anatoly Shevchenko is the first Ukrainian healer, officially received the license of Ministry of health in 1991 and the title of expert of the Association of traditional medicine of Ukraine. He is an outstanding scientist, bioenergotherapists and dowsing – with this Shevchenko leads a healing activity along with a professional doctor.

How not to be mistaken with the choice of healer

Their services today offers a lot of variety of healers, most of whom are charlatans. In order not to fall into the trap of this charlatan, you must know that the real healer: do not criticize other healers and official medicine does not use any titles, not takes forward the money for treatment.

First and foremost, when meeting with the healer need to listen to your intuition – if near the person uncomfortable, you need to look for another healer.

Also, a real healer does not guarantee complete cure from serious illnesses, lives in a luxurious house, does not scatter scientific terms and not the impression of a mentally ill person. The money is always paid to the fact of passage of the session – usually a good healer does not assign a fixed amount, people give as much as you think is necessary. However, unfortunately, today it is very rare.