Use to make sheep's milk, it will give the finished product a special piquancy, herbs and garlic filled homemade cheese with their aroma.

Curd cheese with herbs and garlic

To prepare necessary to take:

- cheese – 1 kg;
- baking soda – 1 tsp.;
- cilantro – 50 g;
- butter – 100 g;
- the sheep's milk (fat) – 1 l;
- raw eggs (yolks) – 3 PC.;
- salt (finely ground) – 1 tsp.;
- garlic (cloves) – 4-5 PCs.

Just before cooking the cheese you need to cook the greens and garlic. Cilantro should be thoroughly washed, spread out on a towel to dry, and then grind as much as possible. Garlic cloves should be free from the husk, wash and crush the press. Then, both ingredients should be mixed in a single mass.

Next, you need to take an enamel pan and put it in her cheese, and fill it with cold goat milk, mix the mass and put on a weak fire. Without stopping the stirring, to give the mass a good warm up, not bringing it to a boil. When you see that the milk in the pan begins to curl, remove the pan with the curd from the heat.

Now you need to prepare a place for straining the curd mass. Take another pan and set it on a colander. For further action you will need gauze, it should cover the colander. Do not pull the gauze strongly, and place it in the holes in the colander. Then pour the prepared curds into the colander through cheesecloth, the last tie in knot and hang it so the whey could drain freely from the curd. The time for this process depends on the final consistency you want to get the cheese. The longer the serum is decanted, the denser will be the curds and the future cheese.

When the resulting mass schedules enough whey, you want to spread the cheese in a pan, add the chopped cilantro with the garlic and all mix well. From raw eggs, separate the yolks and introduce them to the curd mass, then there also add finely ground salt and baking soda, mix everything carefully. Butter should be slightly soften (not melt!) and also to add to the mix. Again to mix the cheese mass and put the pan on low heat.

By heating and interaction with baking soda curds will start to melt and eventually turns into cheese. You should not stop kneading before the end of cooking. Form cheese need to coat inside with oil and then spread it in the prepared mixture. Then follows the form of cheese remove and cool in the refrigerator. As soon as the curd hardens, you can put the finished product on a plate.

Cream cheese with garlic and dill

This is a recipe of a simple homemade cheese that requires no additional heat treatment. For its preparation you need to take:

- dill (chopped) – 2-3 tbsp;
- fat cottage cheese – 500 g;
- garlic (cloves) – 2 PCs.;
- salt, finely ground – 1 tbsp

Dill previously should be thoroughly washed, dried and milled. Cloves of garlic peel and crush pressure. Fat cottage cheese should be spread in a bowl, sprinkle with fine salt, add a lot of chopped dill and chopped garlic, mix everything carefully.

Take a piece of clean gauze, put in the center of mass of curd and tie the cloth in a tight knot. Then you should place the cheesecloth with the curd under pressure, it is possible to use two cutting boards that are installed over a basin or pan. Between the boards you want to place the node with cottage cheese, on top place the load. Leave the curd for 2-3 days for pumping and compacting. The cheese is ready, carefully remove from the cheesecloth and place on a plate. Store the cheese with garlic and dill should be refrigerated.