Advice 1: Why the child frequently yawns

Yawning, no one raises concerns, it is considered a natural physiological reaction of the body. What is it about actually, and it always causes a lack of oxygen?
Why the child frequently yawns

Yawning and its significance for adult

Yawning is a congenital unconditional reflex, consisting of prolonged inhalation and fast exhalation. The first time the kid tries to yawn in the womb. This is confirmed by the ultrasound pictures in the format of ZD. With age, this reflex becomes conditional − it explains the fact that adults and children over four years adopt a yawn from each other. Their physiological purpose of yawning continues to perform throughout a person's life. However, the objectives it has in every age are different. For example, yawning adult, contributes to more rapid awakening. Yawning, the man straining the muscles of the jaw, back and neck. Deep breath increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, improves cerebral blood circulation, so the brain is starting to Wake up. Even in those cases when you feel unbearable boredom or fall asleep on the move, yawning helps at least a little cheer.

Yawning babies

With children, the same thing happens, only the result on the exhale is different. The brain activity of the baby is exactly the same aktiviziruyutsya, however, to maintain the vitality of consciousness that is not enough. Moreover, the child does not bear any social responsibility, so after gape he can sleep. In infants this reflex plays another important role. The dream protects the nervous system of the child from excessive loads and gives her a chance to recover. And yawning in critical moments of overstimulation gives her a quick discharge, since during activation of brain activity retreat nervous tension, stress and fatigue.

Possible causes of frequent yawning in children

Under normal circumstances, yawning suggests that the child requires immediate sleep. But if its too frequent occurrence you should pay attention to the condition of the baby. Maybe he has problems with the nervous system. Because infants are not able to imitate adults and yawning for them is unconditional reflex. Young mothers who are nursing their babies at the breast, it is necessary to revise your diet and add foods that improve lactation.

It turns out that the baby yawning may be two reasons for this: it's a nervous strain and lack of oxygen. In the first case, the child must show a neurologist, and the second parents need to reconsider the daily routine of the baby. Increase the amount of time spent in the fresh air. Walks, create the most optimal conditions for healthy sleep, so necessary for a young child. If trips are made regularly, it is necessary to normalize the temperature in the room where the baby. The perfect temperature any time of the year is 22 degrees, in such conditions oxygen is absorbed better.

Advice 2: Why yawns Python

It is believed that the human body uses a yawn as a means of purification from excess energy. Yawn and people, and animals, but for different reasons. For each species, this phenomenon indicates something different.
Why yawns Python
The mechanism of this phenomenon is rather complicated, in spite of this, people try to yawn quietly, and the animals do not pay attention to etiquette and yawn when they need to.Yawning is a deep breath occurs spontaneously. It is noticed that all yawn, and the reasons for this phenomenon are various. Predatory cats, for example, yawning before the hunt, to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Monkey - in order for something to tell me and the fish before you swim faster. The Hippo opens his mouth to release "gas" - the waste of the digestion.One of the most peculiar creatures on earth is a snake, and the language is for them the most important sensitive organ. With his help, she receives information about the various substances that are on the surface or in the air. For example, the Pythoncaught the victim, missing her teeth, then squeezes rings body gradually shrinking. Prey is swallowed whole, and even one that more of him several times. This process is helped by the peculiar structure of the jaws, and into the stomach food enters the esophagus through a muscular.Swallow prey the Python can long, and his muscles during that time tired. An increase in the intensity of work of all internal organs. Snake is able to increase the size of the heart, liver, intestines. After completion of the process of digestion internal organs should decrease. To restore to their normal state of Piton uses a yawn. A large Python can swallow an antelope, while his jaw will increase many times over. In order to put them in their place, he would have to yawn. Swallowing oxygen, giant snake improves the digestion process, because if in his stomach remains undigested food, Python runs the risk of poisoning.
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