You will need
  • - mayonnaise — to taste;
  • - salt — to taste;
  • - greenery — to taste;
  • - cheese — 200 g;
  • - onions — 1 piece;
  • - salmon fillet — 400 g;
  • - rice — half Cup.
If you have a whole fish, not prepared fillets, take care of cleaning fish. To do this, cut the tail, head and fins, remove the innards, the bones. Rinse the meat in water and slice with a knife into pieces.
Boil the salmon until tender in salted water, adding half onion. Pour water so that its level was higher in fish at 5 inches.
The remaining half of the onion slice with a sharp knife into small pieces and fry in a well heated pan with vegetable oil until zolotisty.
Boil the rice in lightly salted water until tender. Keep in mind that water is necessary for rice to pour that much that its level was higher by 1-2 cm. Cooking should be under the lid for 20 minutes, until absorbed all the water.
Slice the cheese into small cubes. Remove the fish pieces from the broth, drain them using paper napkins or towels and cut into cubes small size.
Mix all the prepared ingredients, pepper and salt, add to taste mayonnaise or greens. Instead of mayonnaise you can lightly sprinkle the salad with boiled salmon with Apple cider vinegar and serve along with boiled potatoes, rice, buckwheat, sour cream, slices of white and brown bread.