Using the program Total Commander, which is the file Manager, users can easily make various changes in the system (e.g., add, view, delete, move files and folders). Interface the program is extremely simple, making to cope with it can absolutely anyone.

She has two workspaces, by which you can easily and quickly transfer and view the data on one local disk and other. Due to its extensive features, it has received huge recognition among the users of personal computers. Sometimes the user may need to view hidden files or folders, and to do this he wants using Total Commander, but unfortunately, does not know. Of course, that this method of viewing hidden information there and it is very simple.

The first method

First and foremost, you must start Total Commander and go to the tab "View". Then, you must find the item "Advanced settings". Here the user can configure many different settings. For example, to enable or disable any toolbar, buttons, command line, etc. also need to find the item "Show hidden system files on/off". By pressing the left mouse button, the program will automatically show the user this data. To disable this function possible by pressing this button.

The second method

In other versions of Total Commander to access hidden files and folders otherwise. First, the user needs to go to the tab "Configuration" and select "settings". This will open additional window where the user can make changes. In order to make visible all files and folders, click on the tab "Content panels". Then right in the "Display files" you need to set the checkbox next to "Show hidden/system files". Then you need to confirm your wish and click "OK". After that all hidden files and folders will be displayed to the user.

If you have enabled show hidden files and folders, then in any case it is not necessary to change, delete or move. Such actions may adversely affect the performance of the system, as in hidden folders mostly are system files.