You will need
    • potatoes – 6 PCs.;
    • canned meat – 1 Bank;
    • carrot – 1 PC.;
    • onion – 1 PC.;
    • tomatoes – 2 PCs.;
    • sweet pepper – 1 PC.;
    • sour cream – 50 g;
    • sunflower oil – 3 tbsp;
    • garlic – 3 cloves;
    • peppercorns – 3 PCs.;
    • dill
    • Bay leaf
    • salt.
Wash all vegetables with cold water. Clean the potatoes. Dice and lightly fry in sunflower oil. To do this, use a pan with high walls.
Peel the carrots and onions. Cut them into small pieces and fry in a separate small pan. This also put the stew in advance cut with a knife in the Bank. Mix vegetables stew with a wooden spatula, and fry for about three minutes. Then add this mixture to the pan with the potatoes and mix.
Pour some of the boiled or filtered water, add the Bay leaf and pepper peas.
Small pieces cut the tomatoes and sweet Bulgarian pepper. Add the chopped vegetables to the pan, add salt and mix everything again. Simmer on medium heat until potatoes are soft and delicious.
At the end of cooking add the sour cream and chopped dill and garlic. Then turn the dish a few minutes, and can entertain friends braised potatoes with stew.