The main advantages of the Russian face creams

Cream of domestic production shall enjoy the exclusive consumer demand. Many women prefer to use such products because of its natural composition and low prices.

If you look closely at the composition of some beauty creams domestic production, it can be noted that the list of active substances used, usually not very remarkable. Manufacturers are trying not to overload the products with too many components. Almost all the products included in the composition of these creams are of natural origin.

Such enterprises as "Neva cosmetics", "Kalina", release cream for a long time. Some products have already managed to borrow a few generations of women. The composition of these creams for many years remained unchanged. Of course, such products are much less efficient than some new-fangled expensive tools, which include modern, high-level components.

The low price of most domestic creams is understandable. The manufacturers do not spend funds to develop new recipes, purchase colorful packaging materials, and advertising. It allows to reduce the cost without reducing the quality of the product itself

On the other hand, in most of the Russian creams impossible to detect such harmful components as parabens, artificial colors, flavors. This makes the application of creams safe. The presence in the creams of high quality ingredients helps to provide the skin adequate care.

Disadvantages of creams the domestic production

Experts noted that many domestic inexpensive creams have very thick, oily texture. Applying them to the problem or combination skin may lead to worsening or appearance of acne. In other words, many Russian creams are comedogenic. They are excellent for dry skin, but for the care of young skin it is better to look for a skim tool. Unfortunately, the Russian manufacturers produce a limited quantity of fat-free cosmetic products.

The presence of domestic hard and soft cream waxes can lead to clogged pores with regular application on the face. Fans of the Russian creams, regular deep cleaning of the skin with an exfoliant. Creams need to be applied only on a clean face, previously rubbed a lotion or tonic.