You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser.
Prepare your computer in order to play Fifa on the network. Disconnect before the game all file downloads, listening to music or playing movies via the Internet and unload antivirus program. Otherwise communicate with the server either will not, or playing FIFA on the network will slow down. Internet speed to play will need at least 256 KB/sec. Version Fify you and your friends to play on LAN must be identical, otherwise nothing will happen.
Launch the program browser, go to to download the application Hamachi. Install it on your computer, run it and click "Enable/disable". Create a nickname, click "OK". Next you will be taken to the game and will be assigned the IP, so you can play Fifa. Suppose you're a server. To create a network Fifa game, click "Network". Enter the network name, password, click "OK".
Name and network password for your opponent. If you are a customer, toga you need to know the name and password of the network. Click "Network" to connect to an already established game. Enter the username and password. So you are in the same network with your opponent using "Hamachi". Now you have created a virtual LAN for the game. Next, you and your opponent must start the game.
In the menu select "game Modes", then select "multiplayer". Enter the nickname of the player in the "Name" field, click "LAN". In the window that appears, the server (i.e. the one who created the game) presses the "Create" button, enter your nickname (i.e. the name of the network game) and presses the "OK" button. And the client chooses nick to the right of the opponent, induces the cursor on it, push the button "Join". If done correctly, the screen will display a menu in which a selection of teams.