Elektropryalka to help the needle women

Elektropryalka of home − tech simple, and learn to use it easily. The work requires considerable physical effort. Each electric spinning wheel has a speed switch, budding young girls can learn to spin at a low speed.

Russian manufacturers offer several models of elektroprenos. The principle of their operation is similar, but has small structural differences. Elektropryalka household is a compact car, which is based on the mechanism of twisting and coiling. It consists of a body and spool, on which thread is wound and motor tensioning device. There are handles to turn on the engine and speed switch.

The spinning wheel is easy to handle, does not require special training to learn the basics of spinning can in a short time. It comes with the manual. Before operation it is necessary well to study and follow all recommendations, and then the device will last more than one year.

A simple process of getting yarn

Before spinning, raw materials have to prepare. Animal hair (sheep, goats, dogs), you need to carefully comb in one direction, while the wool will become light and airy. Special "Cesky" Board filled with nails, like a massage comb. The thus-prepared raw material can be rolled into a roll and store in the package.

Before operating a spinning wheel mounted on a flat surface (table), connect to the network and check the operation of the actuator. Conveniently located on the chair, spinning wheel must be at waist level. Under the left arm put the prepared tow, the fiber tip is applied to the thread extending from siteprovide. The right hand pull the thread from tow, rolled and sent for one. Rotating the reel tightens the thread, winds it on the spool.

That yarn turned out structurally unstable, without nodules, the spinning wheel should run at low speed. The thickness of the filament is adjusted manually. As the accumulation of thread on the reel throws them to the coil and keep working. When the coil is completely filled (approximately 200 g), the yarn is wound it into a ball.

When working with electric spinning wheel it is necessary to observe safety regulations to avoid injury or getting electrocuted. To the device does not overheat, it is recommended to turn it off every hour. When ssuchivanie threads don't forget to switch the rotation of the coil in the opposite direction.