One of the branches of psychological science – psychology of color has been studying the relationship of color perception and the human psyche. The man, who prefers a wardrobe of shades of purple, mesmerizing. In the interior purple color, you will need to consider a number of factors that contribute to comfort and comfort.

Interpretation of purple color

Purple color psychology associated with hypersensitivity, mood swings, observation, wit, vanity.

Purple combines the tranquility of blue and the energy of red. Therefore, the identity of the "purple" people are contradictory. Relationship with such a person fold up easily, but to know his inner world will fail, he is very secretive.

The purple color helps sensitive and creative people, and people who experience stress and nervous tension. The ancient Aztecs considered purple the color of wisdom. The abundance in the aura of shades of purple is interpreted as selflessness, the possession of high spiritual consciousness. In India the color purple symbolizes the transmigration of souls. In Western Europe it is the color of loyalty.

In the blue-purple robes appears Jesus Christ at the crucifixion. Mary Magdalene is also often depicted in blue and purple clothes. Purple is the main color of the front of the altar, symbolizes the post. Currently, the purple color associated with feminists and homosexuals (in France homosexuals are called "purple").

Many women choose a purple color in Luscher's test during pregnancy.

There was a time in America when the clothes of a purple color were worn only by older women, widows.

In the course of history the color purple has acquired a great variety of interpretations: knowledge, intelligence, sobriety, humility, nostalgia, mourning, passivity, sensuality, tenderness, care, frustration, intuition, mysticism, melancholy, etc.

Purple is the color of the magicians and astrologers. He is considered the most mysterious and inexplicable, which helps in meditation.

Negative purple color affects people with any kind of addiction.

This color is able to relieve headache, reduce heart rate, force the brain to work actively. Very useful when you have a concussion, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, epilepsy.

Purple rejuvenates the human body, improves heart and lungs.

Purple color in clothes

If the clothes there is purple or its shades, it speaks of his desire to charm and be charmed.

Girls who choose purple color in the clothes, very feminine, romantic, have good taste and intuition. Clothes purple colors will be more harmonious look on the brunettes. Avoid too dark shades of purple. It is better to use purple shades. Purple in clothes better with yellow, orange, Golden, green (accessories, jewelry).

The purple color in the interior

It is believed that the purple color interior are a little heavy. Dark purple tone interior looks rich, lush, but gloomy, and the light tone creates a calm atmosphere. Long-term human stay in the purple room can cause depression.

But if you still like this color, use it as a small accent spots or contour lines (will look great purple "spots" in a clock, flower pot, paintings, etc.).