10. "Mamba"

Domain Mamba.ru was registered on 2 may 2000, however, the Dating site began to work in 2003. By October 2004 daily record by about 7,000 people, and the number of active users exceeded 1 000 000. At the same time at the venue to chatting and flirting was attended by about 15 000 people. At the moment, Dating service combines several independent portals (mamba.ru, "Знакомства.rambler.ru" etc.). Closed joint stock company "Mamba" in 2013 purchased the brand Wamba, with which the company entered the international level. On the website Mamba.ru free to place your profile, use the advanced search (age, gender, location, habits, etc.), post your pics (including to participate in a photo-rating), exchange messages with other users, keep a diary. Among the paid opportunity to play "Leader", correspondence via SMS, create a "running" line from photos, embed the questionnaire in the first place to search, buy VIP-status. Daily site visit 2800-3500k unique users (based on LiveInternet counter), and 63% men and 37% women (according to the rating AlexaRank).

9. "Kinopoisk"

On the web site "Kinopoisk" appeared in November 2003. Kinopoisk.ru a large – scale project, which is dedicated to movies, TV shows, actors, Directors and everything that is related to cinema. In October 2013, "IMDb" was acquired by the company "Yandex". Our database of website descriptions not only of films but also footage of them, photos of the actors, trailers and soundtracks. It is possible to download Wallpapers for desktop, to know movie news, read celebrity interviews, view the schedule of sessions in the cinemas, to participate in contests for moviegoers, opinion polls. Each day the site is visited by 1.5 million people.

8. Rutracker.org

Operate a website with this name began in February 2010. Before that, the popular Russian BitTorrent tracker had the address torrents.ru. On the website any registered user can upload content, creating your hand. The tracker strictly enforce copyrights and promptly close hand, and violate them. On the "Events" you can find not only popular movies but also scientific literature, audio books, documentary films and programs, as well as rarities, such as original recordings of the voices of Mandelstam, Akhmatova, Yesenin, Pasternak. Every day the site is visited by 1.6-1.8 million.

7. Yandex.Market

Yandex.Market is one of the popular resources that allows users to quickly pick up the goods on the specified parameters, to see which stores and at what price the product is sold, read the customer reviews, professional and Amateur reviews about the product or the store. At this point in the basis of "Yandex.Market relevant information from 14 500 stores. The resource every day is visited by about 1.9 million people.

6. Gismeteo.ru

The website Gismeteo.ru – a convenient service to check the weather. At this point the user can choose any of more than 1,300 cities of Russia and more than 13 000 cities in the world. Have the ability to view long-term forecasts (next 14 days), analysis of weather maps of Russia and the world. Our site daily updated information on rainfall, pressure, air temperature, wind speed and geomagnetic environment. Within 24 hours the website go to 2.5-2.6 million people.

5. News and Answers mail.ru

Mail.ru brings together more than 40 independent resources, the most popular of which (after the search) are Новости@mail.ru and Ответы@mail.ru. Service news provides users with real-time news feeds, distributed via regional and thematic (economy, politics, sports, culture, etc.) basis. Ответы@mail.ru service of questions and answers, which was opened on 21 August 2006. Only for the first month the work was users asked questions 200 000 and 1 600 000 answers. Новости@mail.ru daily visited by 2.9 million people, Ответы@mail.ru – 2.6 million.

4. Avito.ru

Domain Avito.ru was registered in 2007. The site is a free classified ads from the companies, firms and corporations, and from individual users. In 2010, the volume of transactions made with the help of Avito.ru was approximately 3 million dollars that brought the owners of the resource in the order of 1 million dollars in profits. The main source of income – selling advertising and paid services. Users can submit a free ad to buy, sell, exchange, or donation of any product. Search ads by region and theme. The website is ranked 1st in the category "Goods and services" service LiveInternet. According to the statistics, every day come to the site to 4.5-4.7 million users.

3. Yandex.The portal

Yandex.The portal is a collection of more than 40 different services. Users have the ability to real-time weather forecasts, stock quotes, look at the map of traffic jams. Very popular are the maps service (together with panoramas from Yandex), news, Billboard. Yandex has its electronic currency, Yandex.Money, social network Y. ru, and also enables users to store and make available for download to other files Yandex.Disk). The Yandex service is used daily by approximately 30 million people.

2. Classmates

Classmates - a popular social network that allows you to find not only classmates, but classmates, friends, relatives, chat with them, share photos and other content (video, music). The project saw the light on March 4, 2006. By 2013, the website registered more than 200 million users. Daily communicate and share information to Classmates about 45 million people.

1. Vkontakte

The palm is among the most visited sites of a Runet still holds social network Vkontakte. The website was launched on 10 October 2006. It was initially an Annex of the forum for the students of St. Petersburg state University, then check Vkontakte became open, and the site itself is overgrown with lots of features (music, videos, photos, apps, etc.). The resource is visited by 60 million people daily.