Become a customer of the Bank VTB 24 is quite easy for any individuals, legal entities, interested in ordering the continuing service of the credit institution, the use of related services and opportunities, to purchase products. It is necessary to consider that Bank customers are only those persons who systematically and continuously use its services, are the holders of any of the products. The one-time operation of the transfer of funds, payment of certain services or currency exchange will not allow to become a customer of this Bank and will not provide the use of offer them additional resources. The status of the client VTB 24 attracts many individuals, companies, since the Bank has the status of a reliable and major partner in the implementation of a wide range of financial transactions.

How to become a client of VTB 24 Bank physical person

An ordinary citizen can become a client of VTB 24 Bank by opening accounts in the credit organizations, the order by credit card, add funds as a Bank Deposit, maintenance of a certain loan product. You can also order any other services in the Department of VTB 24, which require systematic cooperation with the Bank. Some citizens become customers of the Bank automatically as enter into an employment relationship with the organization to establish a salary project at VTB 24. In any case, individuals have access to the Internet Bank, you can use other products and services on more favorable terms.

How to become a client of VTB 24 Bank organization

The easiest way to become a client of VTB 24 for any company is to open a current account in the credit institution. In addition, lasting cooperation is possible in the form of implementation of the salary project, which is necessary for many modern legal entities to optimize payroll. Also, the Bank provides services for settlement and cash services, acquiring, providing leasing services, opens lines of credit for business. The use of any product or service from the list will automatically make the organization a customer of the Bank. The company also has access to additional services, allowing you to remotely perform all necessary operations (e.g., via Client-Bank).