A romantic evening by candlelight – a great way to surprise a loved one, be in tune with each other and reignite the spark. In order to prepare for the date, do not need much: candles, dim lights, romantic music and roses.

Why roses? At all times, this flower was considered a symbol of love. Pink petals is not only beautiful decoration but also a pleasant aroma which fills the house.

How to decorate a living room

Usually for a date choose the living room or hall. To create privacy, give up light bulbs. Let them replace the plugs. Big and small, scented and simple, red, white – the more candles, the better. Place them on the floor, on the table and on the shelves. Stir a few buds of roses and scatter the petals in between the candles.

Beautiful decoration work, if you turn the glass, inside put a handful of petals, and on top put a small round candle.

To slay a loved one, empty heart or a gentle message from the petals on the floor and light the little candles.

How to decorate a bedroom

A trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom, hinting at the continued romantic dinner and set the right mood.

Fresh bed linen, scatter the petals in a chaotic manner, as if they fell from the sky, or lay in the shape of a heart in the center of the bed. The petals act as a natural flavoring.

Nice low vases filled with petals. They can be set on shelves or bedside table. The petals are well suited to a necklace of pearls.

Make a romantic composition, filling a glass bowl with water, put there a few petals and add floating candles.

How to decorate the rest of the space

To create a pleasant anticipation of your lover long before you enter the apartment. Scatter the petals on the entrance, stairs or Elevator. That people understand, for whom all this is intended don't forget the Mat at the door.

After a hard day you can soak in a relaxing bath. Rose petals are useful for this purpose. Type water, throw a few handfuls of petals, turn on relaxing music... And invite your other half to join you.

Not to spoil the romantic atmosphere of a bright light bulb, arrange the candles. As candlesticks you can use an ordinary saucer, also decorated with petals and rosebuds.