You will need
  • - moisturizer;
  • - brush set for makeup;
  • - mineral makeup.
Makeup mineral makeup also starts with cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. Use familiar tools and do not skip this step. Minerals are not able to clear the skin or give it the necessary hydration. Wait until the cream is completely absorbed, and proceed.
Start masking various defects – spots, circles under the eyes, irritation. Apply concealer soft green (Mint) on those places where you want to hide redness and yellow ( Sunshine) where it is necessary to remove the dark spots.
Take the Kabuki brush to apply Foundation. A small amount of powder sprinkle in the cap from the container, dip the brush in it and rotational movements bring it to the hairs. Shake off excess by tapping the edge of the brush on the side of the container. Apply one or two coat all over the face with gentle circular motions. Do not press on the brush, because the hairs can irritate the skin.
Use bronzerat in those places, which tan in the first place is the forehead, chin, cheekbones, bridge of the nose. Remember that mineral makeup contains more pigment than normal, so you need just a few grains to receive the usual effect. White girls fit light beige bronzer, the red is darker.
Paint eyes the way you used to, only using a smaller amount of powder. Mix pigments to get the color you need. Any shade of shadow you can use eyeliner, just mix it with a little distilled water. Before using mascara, shake off the excess mineral powder with a wide soft brush.
Finishing the makeup, be sure to apply mineral powder. It will hide pores and wrinkles, control Shine and give the face an illusion of "soft finish" which is so often the photos were taken. Transparent powder is suitable for all, but you can choose yellow, pink or beige, if you want a little to emphasize the natural skin tone.