After the collapse of the USSR, order of Alexander Nevsky, though not abolished, but the awards were not made. And in 2010 it again officially included in the list of state awards.

Who was awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky to October 1917

The official name of the awards from 1725 to 1917 was: "Imperial Order of St. Alexander Nevsky". It was a Golden cross with a coating of red enamel, which expanded upper ends. Between them was placed the Golden figures of two-headed eagles, and in the center of the cross was a round medallion with the image of Alexander Nevsky.
The order of Alexander Nevsky became the third official award of the Russian Empire after the orders of St. Andrew and St. Catherine.

On the status, the order could be awarded to servicemen and civilians of high rank for special merits before the state. For example, during the Patriotic war of 1812 – 1814, he was presented 48 times, including the battle of Borodino, they were awarded 4 of the General.

History of the order of Alexander Nevsky after the October revolution

During the great Patriotic war took new state awards to celebrate the heroism of Soviet soldiers and officers. Among these awards was the order of Alexander Nevsky. It was established 29 July 1942. The order was intended for awarding command of the red Army, from platoon commander to division commander, inclusive, shown in battle bravery, the initiative, resulting in sustained considerable damage to the enemy with minimum losses.
Premium status of the order meant the Neva battle of 1240, when 20-year-old Prince Alexander defeated the Swedes, causing them to bounce.

The order was made in the form of a five-pointed star with dark red rays on the background of the right deletepolicy. In the center of the order was placed the circle profile image of Alexander Nevsky in helmet and chain mail.

The modern order of Alexander Nevsky is a four-pointed dark red cross, between the ends of which are double-headed eagles. This award can be awarded to Russian citizens who already have other orders, for special merits in strengthening the defense capability of the country, achievements in science, culture, health. The order can be awarded to foreigners who have made great contributions to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with the Russian Federation.