Make a special card to remember. Cut cardboard strips of paper of equal size, e.g. 2cm to 7 cm. On each card write on one side the name of the state, and on the other its corresponding capital. In the manufacturing process try to remember a couple of names.
Fold card in an envelope, get one, read the name of the country and try to remember to call the city, is the capital of this state. Try not to peek. For convenience, use colored cardboard. For example, yellow is for countries located in Europe, green for Asia, black – African. Withdraw from circulation the cards that you already remember. This method is good to memorize the capital on the names of the States, and Vice versa – the countries to the capitals.
Use phonetic Association. Take a couple of "State Capital", for example, Tirana - capital of Albania. Think is associated with each word. With respect to the capital immediately comes to mind is "tyrant" and against the country – Jessica Alba or shoes brand Alba. Imagine Jessica Alba in the role of a cruel ruler, or a very uncomfortable shoes Alba, who terrorizes his feet. When you need to remember the capital, sounding the name of the country remember the plot, so it will be easier to remember the first letters of the desired word.
Take advantage of our special training programs posted on the Internet. These program offer a question, for example, "the Capital of Switzerland is?", below are 4 variations, including Byrne, you just need to choose the correct answer. The program works in the opposite direction – the title of the capital to choose a country. Memorizing capitals with this program similar to the preparation for the theory exam for obtaining a driving license. After some time, the brain automatically allocates the correct answer.