Cheese cake cookie

- 450 g dry rectangular biscuits (for example, traditional Anniversary);
350 g low-fat cottage cheese;
- 300 ml of milk of any fat content;
- 60 g of 25% strength cream;
- 150 g of sugar;
- 1 tbsp of bitter cocoa powder.

Mash the cottage cheese to avoid lumps, and spread with a fork or whisk, gradually adding a half portion of sugar to dissolve solid ingredients. Take a flat dish or tray of rectangular or square shape. Put part of cookies in a single layer close to each other, first, briefly lowering it into the milk. Gently spread the cream cheese on top of the back of a spoon. Repeat the steps in the last two sentences, ending with biscuits.

Mix the sour cream with the remaining sugar and cocoa powder in a saucepan or small pot, put on low heat and cook for 2-3 minutes until thick and smooth. Allow the glaze to cool slightly and carefully RUB it the top and sides of cake with the widest brush. Soak it at least half an hour, the layers were soaked, then cut into squares or diamonds and serve tea.

Air cake cookie

- 500 g of dry sponge;
- 1 Bank of condensed milk quality, made according to GOST;
- 180 g of butter or margarine;
- 1 tbsp. unsalted peeled peanuts;
- 25 ml of brandy, vodka or rum.

Remove the butter from the fridge in advance to warm to room temperature and softened. Whip it in a blender or with a mixer at medium speed operation of the device by introducing small portions of condensed milk. Pour the brandy or other alcohol Krupki. Put biscuits in a thick plastic bag and go over it with a rolling pin to break content into small pieces. Pour it in the cream and stir well.

Pour whole kernels of nuts on the bottom of a glass or ceramic form with a flat bottom and high sides, preferably round. Carefully put the top layer of the peanut, trying not to break it, previously prepared mass. Flatten it out, tighten the bowl with cling film or a lid and put in the refrigerator on the top shelf for 1.5-2 hours for gelation. After that time, slide a knife around the edges of the cake, separating it from the walls of the mold, then cover with a plate or tray and quickly flip it.