Viral infection

The most common cause of liver cancer is the presence in the body of the hepatitis viruses B and C. the Risk of hepatitis B infection can be significantly reduced, if carried out the procedure of vaccination. Hepatitis C can be prevented by eliminating the factors that play a key role in the emergence of infection.

The processes that occur in the patient with hepatitis, contribute to the development of tumors not only in the liver, but also metastasis to other organs. To prevent cancer, is assigned to medical therapy the treatment of these diseases. For the treatment of hepatitis C using the Peginterferon and Ribavirin". Treatment with these preparations is risky and has a large number of side effects, including pronounced fatigue, depression, leukopenia (decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood). In the treatment of hepatitis B use of "Interferon", "Lamivudine", "Adefovir" and a variety of other drugs. The use of drugs reduces the symptoms of the disease and gives the opportunity to initiate the recovery processes of liver cells.

Quitting Smoking and alcohol

22% of deaths from cancer occurs as a result of Smoking. The impact of the substances included in cigarettes, leads to the development of many types of cancer, including liver cancer. To reduce the risk of disease, you should abandon the consumption of tobacco in any form.

In turn, the consumption of alcohol can lead to cirrhosis, which increases tumor formation in the body. The risk of developing disease from alcohol depends on the amount of alcohol we drink. Particularly high risk of the disease in patients who are smokers and abuse alcohol.

The exclusion of environmental influences

Pollution of air, soil and water with chemicals containing carcinogens also is a big part of the reasons for the appearance of tumors in patients. Carcinogens adversely affect the liver, destroying it, as well as impairing the immune system that is unable to suppress an emerging disease.

Avoid contact with organic pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls and other products will also be a good preventive measure to avoid occurrence of cancer of the liver. For the workers of various industrial enterprises should comply with the precautions and proposed regulations that attempt to protect people from the effects of harmful substances.