You will need
  • The statement of claim, certificate of marriage, judgment for dissolution of marriage, certificate of birth, passport, court's decision about alimony, a writ of execution, Bank account.
Determine the amount of alimony that you want to recover. They are paid as a fixed amount and as a percentage of salaries and other similar income of the other parent. In accordance with the Family code of Ukraine minimum amount of maintenance can not be less than 30% of the subsistence minimum established by law for children of a certain age. However, in the end, the amount subject to the payment of alimony will still establish in its decision the court.
Prepare in 3 copies the statement of claim about collecting of the alimony. It describe the circumstances justifying the evasion of the debtor from payment of the alimony. In a pleading of the claim, indicate the monthly amount of alimony that you want to recover for the benefit of the child. Attach to the claim copies of your passport, marriage certificate, court decision on divorce, the birth certificate of the child. For filing a claim for alimony the court fee is not paid.
Submit 2 copies of the statement of claim application to the court at the place of residence. The third copy state to the court office a mark of acceptance of the claim. Participate in court hearings. If you can not personally present in the court, assign his representative, gave him a notarized power of attorney. A lawyer can represent interests on the basis of the contract on providing legal assistance.
In case of positive decision of the court wait for its entry into force. This will happen after the expiry of the period for appeal of a judicial decision or after the appeals process. Then get in the court writ.
Please see the Department of state Executive service of Ukraine at the place of residence of the debtor, a statement on the enforcement of the court decision on recovery of alimony. In it specify the Bank account to which you want to transfer the collected amount. Please include the original writ. It will be sent to the location of the debtor's income for the periodic deduction of certain amounts by the court. During the execution of the judgment maintain regular contact with the state by the contractor and in case of any problems try to give it all the help.