Has historically developed that the man defended, supported a family, and the woman was the homemaker. She created comfort, to bear and raise children, and in any danger, calling for help her husband. Today things have changed. Quite often the woman herself provides, buys her own house, car. But she can dream about a strong companion who will open in her femininity.

Signs of weak women

You need to understand what makes a woman strong and what is weak. The first reaction to the problem. A confident girl if you have difficulties, not discouraged, she immediately begins to think of a way to solve everything. She plans and proceeds to action. What would a weak woman? She would cry, or at least upset. She allows herself to Express their emotions. After all, the experience happen anyway, but a feminine lady knows how to release them, not keep them inside.

A strong woman doesn't know how to ask for help or do not know how to accept it. It is easier to do everything myself. It is better to be alone than stoop to begging. Its opposite, on the contrary, understands that much of her power, and better cope with the surrounding. She can approach with a problem to her husband, just friends, men, parents or friends.

A strong woman in control of all things. Everything is scheduled, everything is well thought out. She is constantly tense, she needed to know everything. Information is its trump card. A weak woman realizes that she is little effect on that, she more observes the life, contemplates what is happening. She is more often in the present moment, and does not escape into future plans.

A strong woman looks strong. Most often she's wearing stylish, but comfortable. The image must be suitable for driving, for working meetings. In her wardrobe rare long dresses and accessories to the feminine type. Strong women look like men, like watches, bracelets unisex, but do not understand lace and ruffles. The opposite image of the feminine, it is soft, smooth, and the city may not be highly comfortable, but beautiful. Dresses, summer dresses, heels, jewelry and fine details give helplessness.

How to become a weak woman

First we need to adopt male traits in the character more. Need to want to become more feminine. Only a wish can change a lot already. Analyze where it manifests itself is your strength, think about what actions you behave strangely. And consciously start to change their behavior.

You need to get out of the habit. Before to react, stop, think, what would a weak woman. Do not rush your movements be more flowing. Start with a change of clothes, try to ask for help. Do not wear gravity, do not try to be independent. But it is important to change gradually without causing inconvenience. The biggest transformations occur when the person is watching their actions and change them, knowing what he wants to in the end. Draw the image to which you will strive, and step by step go to him, change your world.