John came to us from the Hebrew language. In translation into Russian it means "given by God". In Russia was more common male version of the name Ivan, although in pre-revolutionary times girls are often called the female version of Ivanna. John celebrates birthday twice a year - July 10 in memory of righteous Joanna myrrh-bearers and 28 December, when we commemorate the Martyr John.

Joan christen girls in the world named John.

John myrrh-bearer

Patron name John, which is almost never mentioned in the writings of the Russian Orthodox Church, was one of the myrrh-bearing women. On her twice spoken in the gospel of Luke. This woman was among those who brought spices to the body of Christ and witnessed the appearance of angels, who reported about the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

John was the wife of king Herod's steward named Chuza and led a life of carefree and respectable. Her husband occupied a great post, and concerns the woman had not yet sick of their only son. Calling on Jesus Christ to heal the child, the couple did not understand why he refused to go to them. And the thing was that in the Palace was murdered by his forerunner John the Baptist. However, Jesus never harbored resentment and healed their sick son. So when it came to Herod, his anger fell on the shoulders of the caretaker. The situation was aggravated by the fact that John the Baptist knew and listened to him, took the dead man's head from its hiding place and buried it in one of Herod's estates. Her husband Chuza, being in a position where they could lose everything because of the wrath of the king, decided that the less painful it will be for him to banish from the house wife.

Apparently, that proved to be the John among the poor and needy, and wandering Christ, with faith in God in the heart. John humbly shared all the hardships of the journey together with other women, and Jesus ' mother Mary wept with her of the left her husband's house, the son of John more never saw.

People studying the connection name with the person's character, claim that she is a very kind and radiate your kindness to others.

Prepodobnomuchenitsa John

In the world her name was Susanna. She was the only child of a presbyter of Rome Havania. The girl was educated, but very religious and chaste. She renounced marriage and decided to dedicate his life to serving Christ. King Diocletian insisted on her marriage, were sent to the wife first, then son, so they persuaded her to marry. His son Maximilian found her in the house praying and wanted to disgrace, but I saw a shining angel, bent over the girl, and the fear disappeared. The enraged Diocletian ordered his mercenary sadist and torturer Macedonia to force John to give up the faith. He beat her up with sticks in front of her family, but she was adamant. Then she was executed by cutting off the head. This act inspired her entire family and servants to Christianity.