On the shelves in the closets of modern women will always be a place for natural remedies to maintain health and beauty. Because today, as never appreciated ecological purity and naturalness. Essential oil widely used in cosmetics and medicine, and at home they can be used to prepare anti-cellulite composition, medicinal bath, anti-inflammatory aromamedalony, inhalations, rubbing, masks and more.

Properties of the oils

Almost all we get today, extracts from plants possess cosmetic and hygienic properties, they are able to change mental and emotional state and to exert the pharmacological effect. The composition of essential oils include volatile fragrant compound represented by alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, phenols, oxides, organic acids and others. The following extracts from herbs have oily consistency and distinct flavor characteristic of the plant from which they are derived. As a rule, most of the essential oils obtained from flower petals, leaves and stems, fruits, roots and rhizomes.

How to choose essential oil

First, you need to focus on their own feelings. The smell of the products for home use needs to appeal and not alienate. Before applying it is necessary to test for sensitivity. The first stage involves the respiratory sample: 1-2 drops of oil should be applied on a cotton ball and inhale several times. If within the next 5-10 minutes does not appear shortness of breath, cough, dizziness, or runny nose, it can be concluded that the first phase of the test medium passed.

In the second stage of the sample means should be applied to the sensitive area of the skin – the area behind the ear, crook of the elbow or wrist and leave it there for 12 hours. Pure oil to apply not only mixing with base, for example, vegetable oil. If by accident this time, the skin does not redden, not covered with pimples and won't itch, the drug can be safely used for the preparation of cosmetic masks and creams.

Choosing a bottle of natural essential oil need to pay attention to its label: it shall bear the inscription "100% natural essential oil". The tool itself must be enclosed in a glass vial, the pipette must also be made of the same material. Cheap price may indicate that the manufacturer has added in expensive oil synthetic ingredients or inexpensive base oil. The easiest way to determine this is to drop a little money on the sheet of paper. The presence of greasy stain after evaporation is not allowed.

The last criterion is to select the properties of the oil: in the instructions to the drug always indicated what action it has and in some cases. In accordance with this, is to make a choice.