How to make a child mode of the day

In the preparation of the day regimen necessary to take into account such important factors as the age of the child, which corresponds to the first-second grade elementary school; the remoteness of the location of the school from home; the employment of student in the groups; the individual characteristics of health; the time of year. It is important to properly distribute the rest and activity in such a way to not to overwork the offspring.

It is important to know that immediately after school the kid needs to rest before he can start doing your homework. The rest can be in the form of visiting groups, sections of interest or walk in the fresh air. In any case, the lessons should begin no earlier than 3-4 hours after school. Sometimes the child in the lower grades still needs daytime sleep after lunch for 1-2 hours. This is especially painful for children.


Younger student it is useful to eat at a certain time at least 5 times a day. It's Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and light snack an hour before bedtime. The use of the mode of eating is that a person is gastric juices in the same hours. This improves the appetite and digestion stomach food. In General, it is beneficial to the health of the digestive system of the baby.


Specialists established that the child is 8-9 years old should sleep at least 11 hours. That's why it's important to pay attention to the fact that he went to bed on time. It's best if 2 hours before bedtime he'll be staying on the street or play quiet games. Nightly hygiene - brushing teeth, warm shower mood for a quiet sleep. After a healthy night's rest and get up in the morning the child will be easy.


In the morning you must teach the student to do exercises. Ideally, if it's compiled for it exercises all the muscles of the body. Charging improves blood circulation of body, helps the young person to feel healthy, vigorous and cheerful.
Child of 8-9 years for proper growth and development need to move a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the sports section or regularly play outdoor games with his peers, to skate, bike, skateboard, etc.


Educators have long shown that labor disciplinarum person develops his will power. Consequently, it is desirable that each student had their own small household chores, not to mention developed self-help skills: dressing the bed, cleaning toys, working space on the table, washing the dishes after themselves.


Homework first grade student should perform no more than 1-1. 5 hours. We need to teach the kid to put on the table textbooks and notebooks for the next day. And to start lessons starting with difficult subjects, and to light and interesting subjects. At the same time as you complete lessons should immediately remove the tutorials in the portfolio.

Free time baby

In his spare time, the child may be occupied in hobby groups, useful things, sports, games, art, reading. But we need to save some absolutely free time for reflection and "doing nothing" when the baby just wants to be alone with him. Psychologists proved that its proper development is necessary. At the computer or watching TV, your child can spend no more than 40-60 minutes, not to bad eyesight and posture.