Advice 1: The mode of the day for a child 8-9 years

The body of eight-year child is still quite fragile. At this age, he can withstand a large load in school. So gets tired quickly. If the right to organize his day, the baby will be less sick, it is better to learn and develop. In addition, it was during this period actively formed the strength of the human will. And the mode of the day helps to develop it.
The mode of the day for a child 8-9 years

How to make a child mode of the day

In the preparation of the day regimen necessary to take into account such important factors as the age of the child, which corresponds to the first-second grade elementary school; the remoteness of the location of the school from home; the employment of student in the groups; the individual characteristics of health; the time of year. It is important to properly distribute the rest and activity in such a way to not to overwork the offspring.

It is important to know that immediately after school the kid needs to rest before he can start doing your homework. The rest can be in the form of visiting groups, sections of interest or walk in the fresh air. In any case, the lessons should begin no earlier than 3-4 hours after school. Sometimes the child in the lower grades still needs daytime sleep after lunch for 1-2 hours. This is especially painful for children.


Younger student it is useful to eat at a certain time at least 5 times a day. It's Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and light snack an hour before bedtime. The use of the mode of eating is that a person is gastric juices in the same hours. This improves the appetite and digestion stomach food. In General, it is beneficial to the health of the digestive system of the baby.


Specialists established that the child is 8-9 years old should sleep at least 11 hours. That's why it's important to pay attention to the fact that he went to bed on time. It's best if 2 hours before bedtime he'll be staying on the street or play quiet games. Nightly hygiene - brushing teeth, warm shower mood for a quiet sleep. After a healthy night's rest and get up in the morning the child will be easy.


In the morning you must teach the student to do exercises. Ideally, if it's compiled for it exercises all the muscles of the body. Charging improves blood circulation of body, helps the young person to feel healthy, vigorous and cheerful.
Child of 8-9 years for proper growth and development need to move a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the sports section or regularly play outdoor games with his peers, to skate, bike, skateboard, etc.


Educators have long shown that labor disciplinarum person develops his will power. Consequently, it is desirable that each student had their own small household chores, not to mention developed self-help skills: dressing the bed, cleaning toys, working space on the table, washing the dishes after themselves.


Homework first grade student should perform no more than 1-1. 5 hours. We need to teach the kid to put on the table textbooks and notebooks for the next day. And to start lessons starting with difficult subjects, and to light and interesting subjects. At the same time as you complete lessons should immediately remove the tutorials in the portfolio.

Free time baby

In his spare time, the child may be occupied in hobby groups, useful things, sports, games, art, reading. But we need to save some absolutely free time for reflection and "doing nothing" when the baby just wants to be alone with him. Psychologists proved that its proper development is necessary. At the computer or watching TV, your child can spend no more than 40-60 minutes, not to bad eyesight and posture.

Advice 2: How to treat urinary incontinence in a child

About the bedwetting, it is appropriate to say that if the child leaves his bed wet more than once in two weeks at the age of four years. Figuring out the cause of this disease and searching for effective methods of its treatment, parents first need to contact your pediatrician, the children's gynecologist and the urologist.
How to treat urinary incontinence in a child
You will need
  • - consultation of the pediatrician;
  • - mint;
  • - Valerian;
  • - motherwort;
  • - contrast shower;
  • - coniferous baths.
Keep in mind that today there are about 300 ways of treating children's bedwetting. These include physical therapy, and auditory training, and special diet and various medications, and hypnosis. But all of them must appoint a physician after a thorough examination of the child and identify the causes of the disease.
In addition to the treatment by the doctor, follow the recommendations for parents of children suffering from enuresis. Just give the child emotional support, explain to him that he was not the only child who has such problems.
Do not scold and do not expose to punishment of the child, if he woke up wet. It's not his fault, but a disease that should be treated.
Do not wear night diapers. Most 4-5 year old children with bedwetting – it's the kids that have long revolved around diapers. But they are necessary only in certain cases: at a party, walking in the road. Since a half years, teach your toddler to use the potty.
Limit fluid intake in the evening for three or four hours before bedtime. Follow with 6-7-year-old child observed the mode of the day and went to bed no later than nine o'clock. Before bedtime make sure to go to the toilet.
Avoid excessive psycho-emotional arousal before going to sleep: watching "scary" movies, active sports, etc.
Don't Wake the baby in the night, so he went to the toilet. Thus it is possible to reinforce the mechanism of manifestations of enuresis.
If your child is afraid to stay alone in the room or afraid of the dark, do not turn off in the nursery nightlight, leave the door ajar in your bedroom. Do not skimp on the praise, if the baby was already at least one "dry" night.
Use the herbal medicine – herbs having a sedative effect. Brew tea from peppermint, Valerian root, motherwort. After consultation with the doctor, you can apply restorative procedures (pine baths, walking barefoot on the ground, douche, etc.)
Try to keep the psychological atmosphere in the family was a normal, timely solve the problems encountered in kindergarten or school.
Come with great responsibility to the treatment of enuresis in children. Unfinished therapy often leads to a resurgence of the disease.

Advice 3: Does the condition of the pregnant woman on the fetus

Stress, nervousness, irritability, have a negative impact not only on the state of the pregnant woman but on the fetus. Negative emotions can lead to serious consequences for the unborn child.
Does the condition of the pregnant woman on the fetus
The negative emotional state of a pregnant woman can result in improper development of the embryo. It affects the formation of the cardiovascular system of the fetus, the child will be congenital heart disease. If the expectant mother is nervous in the middle of the pregnancy it can cause foetal hypoxia. In this period the embryo is already formed nervous system, and he feels the excitement on my mother's side. According to studies, the "nervous" pregnant women greatly increases the risk of birth children with asthmatic disease or with a small weight. A bad consequence of the negative emotional States are premature.
Condition during pregnancy has a great influence on the development of the unborn child. If the woman was calm during the period of gestation, the baby is born calm. The woman who took care of the nerves and annoyed over nothing, the child is restless, he will have a disturbed sleep and wakefulness. Such a baby will often change the mood, will appear a sensitivity for the changes that will cause severe irritation. As a result, he becomes maudlin and disturbing. Emotional state in pregnancy can disrupt immune system of the child, the baby will be sick often.
Belgian scientists have conducted an interesting study. They collected data on 71 woman and their babies, children examined after birth, and then at the age of 8-9 years. In the study, women filled out questionnaires, which allowed to set the level of stress experienced during pregnancy. When their child is aged 8 or 9 years old, mothers, teachers and third party observers evaluated the activity, the care of children and characteristic level of anxiety. Based on the study it was concluded that the most dangerous for the psyche of the unborn child is a period of 12-22 weeks, because this period proved to be the strongest link between women and anxiety disorders future of the child. The influence of a nervous condition during this period was stronger than the influence of the following factors: low weight at birth, Smoking pregnant, the levels of anxiety of the mother to the growing child at the age of 8-9 years.
Irritability and nervous anxiety during pregnancy is most often associated with hormonal changes in the body. To ease that will help walk in the fresh air, pleasant conversation, watching movies. Favorable effect on emotional state aromatherapy, positive emotions will cause oil patchouli, sandalwood and rose oil. Drugs, soothing the nervous system, is assigned only after the 16th week and in case of emergency. Prior to this date to make such drugs to pregnant women is contraindicated.

Advice 4: How to obtain a passport the child is 14 years

The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation issued for the first time in 14 years, according to the instruction № 605, approved by the Ministry of the Interior and version of the document dated 4 April 2002. To get the internal passportand you need to prepare the documents and apply to the Federal migration service or in the housing Department, if the state of the owner of a passport.
How to obtain a passport the child is 14 years
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - 4 photographs of size 35x45 mm;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - the passport of one of parents (guardians, legal representatives);
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
For registration of the passport of the citizen of the Russian child at the age of 14 will contact the shop. Take 4 photos of size 45х35 mm.
Any Bank receiving payments from the population, pay the state fee for issuing internal passports of the citizen of the Russian Federation. To date, the state duty for issuance of internal passports is 200 rubles. You will be given a receipt which you must present to the Federal migration service or in the housing Department, depending on where you are going to obtain a passport.
Refer the child to the specified authority, please complete the application form a standardized form in the presence of the employee of passport service. Present the birth certificate of the child, receipt of payment of state duty for registration of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, 4 photos, the passport of the mother or father of the child to confirm the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
The deadlines for the registration of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation amount to 10 days. After a specified period of time ask for a passport. You can tell us about the earlier stages of readiness, it depends on the region in which you place the document.
If you apply for a passport the child is 14 years of age are not at the place of permanent residence, the document issuance time can take up to two months. Such a period is required to validate all data in the Federal migration service at your place of permanent residence. If necessary, this period may issue a temporary certificate of the unified form No. 2P, which will certify the identity of the child.
To apply for registration of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation you have with your child no later than 30 days after the child's birthday when he turns 14. In case of untimely registration of the passport, parents, guardians or legal representatives of the child can issue an administrative fine in the amount of 2,500 rubles.
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