It is difficult to find anyone who wouldn't love a juice this Sunny, citrus – orange. Its bright and fresh taste is good in itself, and in complex multi-component drinks. There are thousands of cocktail recipes, an indispensable ingredient is orange juice. It is worth mentioning the most famous of them.


Perhaps the most famous and the easiest to prepare cocktail with orange juice is a "Screwdriver", which is considered to be the birthplace of the United States. The traditional recipe portion of the beverage includes 50 ml vodka, 100 ml orange juice and ice. Juice and vodka mix in tall glass, then adds ice. Drink served with a straw.

Tequila Sunrise

Delicious and very showy cocktail "Tequila sunrise" is also prepared with orange juice. And cooking it is not much harder making the famous "Screwdriver". All ingenious is simple. To mix a portion of the drink, you will need 50 milliliters of silver tequila, 150 ml orange juice, 200 grams of ice, 10 ml of pomegranate syrup grenadine, slice of orange, a tall glass of headball and cocktail spoon. However, this spoon easily replace a regular teaspoon.

The first thing you need 2/3 to fill a chilled glass with ice cubes. Further, the capacity filled with tequila, followed by pour 150 ml of cold orange juice. The last drink, add grenadine syrup. To create the stunning effect of the rising sun "grenadine" should first be poured into the spoon and then gently pour into the glass. A gradient effect is created due to the difference in density of the components: pomegranate syrup has a greater density than orange juice and tequila, and therefore will sink to the bottom of the glass. The final touch is the decoration of orange slices. For more aesthetics, you can add a cocktail cherry and of course, you should not forget to stick to the drink straws.

Orange flip

Flips cocktails with whipped egg, having a soft taste, and therefore are related to the category ladies. Flip should drink immediately after preparation. A few minutes delay, and in the glass instead of the fancy cocktail party already lapping something that is not too appetizing in appearance.

For cooking serving orange flip will need 20 ounces of cognac, 40 milliliters of orange juice (better to take fresh), 20 ml sugar syrup 10 ml Cointreau liqueur, 1 egg yolk, 0,5 teaspoons of chopped pistachios, and 2-3 ice cube, a glass of champagne. All the ingredients, except pistachios, beat with a mixer together with ice and pour the whipped mixture into the glass. The surface of the drink to decorate with the crushed pistachios.

There are many recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks, including orange juice. And no wonder bartenders there is a notion that cranberry and orange juice cocktail is not exactly to spoil.