Girls who dress vulgar, vulgar makeup and behave provocatively, rarely seriously like you guys. This image does not imply the presence of true femininity, warmth, and young people looking for partners in these qualities.

If the fair sex does not mince words, swearing, abusing alcohol and smokes, in the eyes of the guy she is either a collection of bad habits, or "the guy". Neither in the first nor in the second case the young man is unable to experience romantic feelings for this person.


Let the mind, it is not important, what is valued in women and men, but his obvious lack of scares men. Women's the stupidity, stupid questions, inappropriate behavior can lead a young man into a rage.

Moodiness and immaturity also don't paint the girls. Some of them mistakenly believe that the way look in the eyes of men princesses. In fact, creating the effect of an ordinary poseur and fool.


There is a special category women-hunters. More the identity of the men they are interested in his financial status. To conquer such of the fair sex can be with expensive gifts, trips and trips to restaurants.

However, guys are much much more perceptive than I think some of the girls. A young man with self-esteem and the desire to find a serious relationship, not to build a Alliance with a Mercantile personality.


Girls, who themselves are hung on the neck of men, not the latter cause neither respect nor the desire to continue the acquaintance on a long term basis. However, it is impregnable "the snow Queen" is also among the favorites of the guys.

A woman who puts himself above all, haughty and inaccessible, just annoying man. To communicate with an arrogant person who by his presence as if doing a favor to the guy, not bring him any pleasure.


"Gray mouse", quiet and inconspicuous, hardly can count on the attention from men. The lack of feminine dresses and the inability to maintain a conversation do these girls not interested for guys.

Men like self-sufficient, diversified women. Full obedience and a desire to dissolve in a loved one a burden and annoying. And the inability to present itself makes the "gray mouse" is not practically attractive for young people.