You will need
  • - clean the bottles;
  • - pipette;
  • - alcohol;
  • - essential oils.
Before how to dilute perfume, think about how it is necessary. Perfume is a complex chemical composition, and ingress of a foreign liquid can lead to very unpredictable effects (color change, precipitate, reduced flavor stability, etc.). So if you do decide to experiment, then spend it in a separate container, using part of the spirits.
To dilute the spirits with the least damage to flavor, use only clean, dry utensils that do not have a sharp odor. Empty vials of perfume before use, wash and let them air out for several days.
If you want to dilute the perfumethat is about to end, prepare rubbing alcohol and a dropper. Put some drops of alcohol and add them to the container of spirits. Apply the mixture on the skin and watch how long the smell. Based on the results of this test will select the most appropriate proportions, in which the flavor will remain strong.
Wanting to dilute the spiritsto change the aroma, use essential oil. Drip into an experimental container of spirits a few drops of oil. The resulting liquid spray spray on the body and clothes. Watch how soon will wear off the smell and will not leave a new perfume oil stains on the fabric. In the case of greasy residue reduce the concentration of essential oils.
If you decide to make a less sharp flavor and enhance some of its components, then use the alcohol, and the corresponding oil. For example, you want to highlight floral notes woody floral fragrance. Slightly dilute the perfume with alcohol, and then add the essential oil with the smell of your favorite flower. So the wood notes are less pronounced, while the floral fragrance will come to the fore.