How to buy onion sets

Planting onion sets requires preliminary preparations, which begins with the selection varieties. When buying onion sets, pay attention to the quality of the bulbs because it could directly affect the harvest. If onion sets are wet, it has seen numerous shoots and roots – not worth it to buy it. The correct sets must be well dried, the upper scales should be freely removed. Should ask the seller about the name of the varieties of onion sets. The most preferred variety "Stuttgarter risen", it is less susceptible to rot, ripens quickly and has a nice spicy fruity taste.

Bringing home the purchased sets, be sure to dry the onions – sprinkle it on a flat surface with good air access and leave before landing. 1-2 days before planting you need to go through the onion, to remove the scales that keep poorly and soak in water with a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes. After that, the water should drain, cover with the other onion water and leave until just prior to planting onion sets. During this time the bulbs will hatch in the roots, but they are very small, so fit will not be able to hurt them.

How to plant onion sets

Usual planting onion sets requires a responsible approach to the work of the gardener is not in vain.Prepared, dug up, filled with fertilizer the bed should be marked with grooves, in which will plant the onion sets. The width between the furrows of 20-25 cm between bulbs in rows 10-15 cm Too thick planting onion sets will lead to the shading plantings of onions, when you see the pen, and it will grow fine.

The bed should be protected from wind, well illuminated by the sun and not have a steep downhill to irrigation it was late water.

Bow loves moisture and purity, so the bed should be kept clean, regularly water, feed and processing from pests, only in this case, we can hope to grow a good crop.