You will need
  • - screwdriver.
Make sure that when you build your model of monitor manufacturers did not use glue to bond the back and front panels. This is quite rare, but if you get the exact same model, forget about how to make it at home. Also read the warranty conditions for your device – in most cases, the signs cover open monitor robs you of warranty obligations of the seller and the manufacturer.
Remove the monitor from the stand. Turn it down matrix, note that the surface was smooth, otherwise you may damage the screen without the possibility of recovery. Remove all visible bolts from the rear cover of the monitor. Pry it and try to shoot without the use of additional tools.
If the cap is not removed, place the monitor on the table, if it is unstable, ask someone to hold it from the side. Install a thin flat screwdriver between the two parts and gently tap her hand. With the cover back.
If this does not help the above steps, find the documentation for your monitor or the Internet instructions for its disassembly. Please note that some models of LG and Samsung is very difficult disassembly. For example, in L1982 very difficult to remove the monitor from the stand, and then to remove the cover you may need special equipment, because the edge parts of the monitor very firmly connected.
Also don't parse the monitors, whose back and front cover have larger gaps and are not removed when you remove the bolts. When removing the monitor cover of the laptop also note that many models of Sony and Apple use glue to connect the parts of the computer, due to which their disassembly is left to professionals service centers.