Remember the basic rule: for satiety, a person need to eat small portion of food, no more than 400 ml. regardless of the kind eat of food (soup, side dish, salad, etc.), its number should not exceed this value. In addition, do not forget that the stomach in the normal state equal in size to your fist. Therefore, this volume must be the portion of food on your plate.
One do not eat food more than fits in a standard bowl. Prepare a plate of the desired volume, or smaller ones, the total amount of which does not exceed 400 ml.
Shorten the interval between meals up to three hours, eat more often but less.
Normalize your diet, choose products as close as possible to your lifestyle.
Before each meal, regardless of the intended volume of portions, drink a glass of still water. The liquid will fill your stomach, which will accelerate the onset of satiety. Get yourself a special pretty jar, every morning, pouring in clean water, mentally tune into the reduced portions. Water drink of the beautiful cups or clear cups, small SIPS.
Each meal start with Apple, which improves secretion of the stomach, and partly filling its volume, leaving less room for junk food. In addition, apples contain a lot necessary intestinal of fiber. In the afternoon teach yourself to replace a half portion of salad from fresh vegetables, e.g. cabbage with carrots.
Long don't sit at the table with delicious dishes. Be prepared for each meal – festive dress, decorate a table. Eat slowly, small portions, always in a good mood.
Stop watching TV in the kitchen, because while watching an exciting movie or a programme of your hand will involuntarily reach for the food, but the brain doesn't control this process.
Apply the portion of food you plan to eat. In any case, do not take the Supplement.
After the meal, immediately switch your attention to an exciting experience that lets you forget about the Goodies left in the kitchen.