Early career

In the family of the actor of Theatre of satire and pianist of the orchestra of the same theatre on January 28, 1963, was born Sergey Evgenievich Suponev, the future idol of youth. After high school he enrolled at the faculty of journalism. After studying one year, he joined the army in the Moscow state University back in 1983 to study up to the end. After University, he began to conquer TV.

I must say that working on TV Sergey began while studying at MSU, although a simple loader. But three years later he became an administrator in music programs, yet by the same time fully engaged in children and teen projects.

His first brainchild was the program of the "Marathon-15", where he was a Director and leading at the same time. Then began to appear all new and new projects of Sergey – "finest hour" (he began to conduct at the invitation of Vlad Listyev), "Dandy — the New reality", "jungle", "These funny animals", "Seven troubles — one answer", "the Seventh sense", etc.
In 1997 Sergey was invited to star in the film "dandelion Wine" based on the novel by ray Bradbury, where he played the father of Douglas.

Ragged flight

In an interview on 6 December 2001, Sergey Suponev talked about his new project, which was released in March 2002. However, this was not true.

Sergey was fond of active rest and on 8 December he went to ride a snowmobile on the frozen Volga. The tragedy occurred near his country home. Around midnight, Suponeva body was found by locals. In the press there are two versions of his death, but they all boil down to one – on collision of the vehicle with a barrier. One suggestion is a large tree on the Bank, another wooden footbridge river pier, covered with snow.
The media said that next to the body of Sergey was found a corpse of the unknown girl, ride that night with him.
Sergei Suponev was buried on 11 December at the cemetery Troekurov.

It is noteworthy that after twelve years, killed himself the son of Sergei from his first marriage – Cyril. In the press there are references to that after the divorce, Sergey with his first wife, and then after his tragic death, the boy kept to himself. However, he continued to be all-round man, followed in the footsteps of his father, he worked in television and even played in a rock band.

28 Sep 2013 he was found hanged in the apartment of the parents. No violent marks on the body were not, there was not even any note. A few hours was to be held concert, in which he played Cyril. What triggered is still unknown, but everyone knows that separation from the father Cyril endured very hard.