Advice 1: Can I get INN without a residence permit

Today in the Russian Federation registered more than 144 million taxpayers that are legal entities and entrepreneurs, as well as citizens – payers of taxes on incomes of physical persons and property. Each of the subjects of taxation registration with the tax authority is assigned a unique number the taxpayer's INN. Earlier to it it was possible only at the place of residence.
Can I get INN without a residence permit

As assigned INN

June 29, 2012 INN could be assigned to the citizen – a physical person only to the territorial tax authority, where the citizen had held steady or officially issued a temporary registration, the evidence of which was the certificate of registration at the place of temporary stay. This restriction was forced: since the INN is a unique registration number that is assigned once and for all time of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation to control its appropriation was easier.

In June 2012, approved a new simplified procedure for the assignment was introduced with order of the Federal tax service of Russia №MMV-7-6/435. Simplification of the procedure for assignment of identification numbers was made possible thanks to the adoption of new rules for the electronic registration of taxpayers, which allow to exclude the possibility of assigning INN twice.

According to this document, now to INN you can:
- the place of permanent residence;
- at the place of stay, if you do not have a permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation;
- the place where you have the officially registered ownership of the property: land plot, residential house, apartment;
- the place of registration of the vehicle or any other vehicle, in the absence of a permanent residence.

How does the simplified procedure

In the said order specifically stipulates that the citizens who are not entrepreneurs may, submitting a tax return or statement with the request to produce a tax deduction, now was not to indicate. You only need to specify your personal data of your passport. It, by the way, you can now make your INN that you put down at registration in the tax inspection on page 18 ordinary passport.

In that case, when you got INN, but have lost the certificate and can't remember this number, it is available on the portal of the Federal tax service Enter your surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, and passport and after a few minutes the system will "remind" you your unique INN. By the way, after death, this INN to anybody and can never be assigned, it will be canceled forever.

If you have no INN, but you want to get it, your request you can also post on the website But come for a certificate of registration which will specify your VAT number, the tax office you will need personally.

Advice 2: How to get a tin

Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to obtain an individual tax identification number – INN. Number assignment is issued an appropriate certificate to which the application to the tax authority.
Contact the IRS at the place of residence

Categories of taxpayers

In Russia there are four categories of documents on statement on the tax account. Certificate on assignment of individual tax number looks very similar, but the data in them are different. It documents such as:

- the certificate on assignment of individual tax number natural person;
- INN of the legal person;
- INN of the individual businessman;
- the certificate on statement on the account on the child, not having a passport.

In each case it is necessary to write the application. This can be done in person at the tax authority at the place of residence (or place of registration of the legal person), as well as by mail or over the Internet. Most Russians are faced with the problem of obtaining the INN of the physical person or of the certificate of the child.

What documents are needed

To obtain INN of the physical person must submit a statement in form No. 2-2 Account and identity document (usually the passport with which you want to rent in advance a photocopy). A special application form. The form may be obtained from the Inspectorate of the Federal tax service, or downloaded from the official website of the IRS. The statement includes information about the taxpayer, the data on the passport, the address of the place of registration and the same address. Part of the data to be filled in block letters. In some graphs it is necessary to set "bird".

If you lose the INN and decided to restore, will have to pay the fee and present the receipt. The relevant tax authority was issued after 5 days from the date of application. In some cases clients prefer to send documents by mail. To make it better the certified mail with the investment inventory. INN to you personally by a tax authority and also a registered letter.

The receipt was for the child

Russian citizen gets a passport in 14 years. From that moment on he can make and was, for example, for the device to work temporarily in youth labor group. The procedure is no different from that provided for adult citizens, that is, a young man presents to the tax office statement, passport and a photocopy of it, and in case of restoration of certificate – receipt of payment of fees. If the child is not yet 14 years old, take care of getting INN needs one of the parents or legal representatives. It shall apply to the Inspectorate of Federal tax service by place of residence and submit the following documents:

- the statement;
- Russian passport with registration;
- a photocopy of the passport;
- birth certificate of the child;
- photocopy of birth certificate of the child.

The application should be made on a form No. 2-2 Record.

Legal entities and entrepreneurs

For legal entities, the taxpayer identification number is mandatory, without the proper certificate, the firm may not be registered as an individual entrepreneur. The procedure is a little different from that contemplated for natural persons. Are the same documents. Differ only in number – in the certificate for a legal entity, it consists of 10 digits.

Advice 3: How and where to get INN

INN can be deciphered as taxpayer identification number. This number denotes the sequence number of the taxpayer in the database, on. Often on receipt of this number of people think the first time gets a job officially. The personnel officer was asked to bring to fill out paperwork to payroll to calculate taxes. But by law, any person can opt out of the automatic tax Board, and to pay them.
How and where to get INN
To obtain a certificate of the INN, you need to visit the Federal Tax
Service. Visit the FNS should be on your domicile or residence. Documents to bring your passport or other document proving your identity; a copy of this document and the application form No. 2-2-Accounting, filled in according to the established pattern.

Statement form No. 2-2-Accounting "Declaration of physical person about statement on the account in tax Department in territory of the Russian Federation" can be filled right on the spot, sitting in line at the office of the tax inspector. Usually at the stand in front of the Cabinet there are samples of filling and empty forms. After submission of all documents, you will be asked to come in 3-10days (depends on the city). To obtain a certificate of INN you need to the applicant. If you get another person, you will need a notarized power of attorney from you.
The application for obtaining the identification number can be sent by Russian post by registered mail. The letter must attach a statement which is filled by you; a photocopy of your passport or birth certificate; a photocopy of the document that proves your residence or registration as a citizen of the Russian Federation. If you do not live at the address of residence, you should specify the real address, to avoid problems with the tax authority. All the above copies of documents must be certified by a notary in an official capacity, otherwise your data will not be entered into the database on.
After a while you can go to the tax office and to take the testimony of the INN without waiting in a special box.
For very busy people recently opened a very convenient service, getting a number was through the Internet. The website of the Federal tax service has opened a new service through which you can learn your VAT number if you receive it, or to write an application for number assignment.

To assign a tax number go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service. The bottom of the page you will notice the line "to complete a new application". Clicking on it, you must first confirm that you are a real person. To do this, type the code from figure. Then complete all sections of the electronic application, each time retaining section. Writing a statement and send it for review. This service helps to keep your nerves, because you won't have to wait long queues.
Here, on the website, you can keep track of how long processed your application. But for the very evidence you still have to go to the tax office. To receive the certificate you will be able in a special window on the results was. You just need to sign and receive the document.
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